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Egeria Dojo - Become an Open Source Contributor

By Susan Malaika posted Thu May 28, 2020 05:14 AM


Egeria Dojo - Agenda and Materials

ODPi Egeria is an open source project dedicated to making metadata open and automatically exchanged between tools and data platforms, no matter which vendor they come from.

The Egeria Dojo Live is a one-of-kind  virtual event with hands-on – to enable you to become an open source contributor. The ODPi Egeria Dojo Live was held on May 26-28, 2020 to encourage developers, data architects, and engineers to get to know Egeria. You can find the agenda together with the materials here:

Please join the slack channel : Slack Channel #egeria-dojo-live - to talk with the instructors during or after the dojo.

The following is a summary of the slides and recordings for Egera Dojo that are available for self-study. Note that the recordings were made in the live sessions so there is dialog and discussion. During the sessions the students set up the software, created project forks, and pull requests The excellent instructors were Mandy Chessell, Nigel Jones,  and David Radley. Special guests on Day 3 included Moya Brannan, John Mertic, and Ernie Ostic

Note: -

Egeria Dojo Agenda


As described by Moya BrannanErnie Ostic,  and John Mertic during the Dojo,  some of the ways you can participate as an advocate to Egeria appear in the figure below.  As well as joining the slack workspace channel #egeria-dojo-live  , you can also join the mailing list find out about weekly Egeria meetings here
Some of the people who tweet about Egeria include:

Thank you Shahir Daya (one of the Dojo students) for compiling the twitter list above.

We hope you enjoy the dojo and join the Egeria project as a contributor or as an advocate.  Note that you can get badges for participating in Egeria activities - see


Dala Lakes and Metadata

One of the motivations for the Egeria project is to be able to explore an enterprise data lake - the diagram below shows the various tools and software, many of which manage their own metadata.

Coming soon is a webinar about "Data Lake Design with Egeria " on Jun 2, 2020 08:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Lessons learned from the Egeria Dojo

For the live dojo, the number of students including 13 to 28 across the three days - with about 35 different people - including the instructors. Countries represented included  Canada, Spain,  India, Morocco, UK, US - Students, freelancers as well as company employees participated. At least 4 people were able to complete pull requests during the dojo session.

Among the lessons learned was that day 1 could have been split into 2 days, and days 2 and 3 could be combined.

We discussed the idea of running a dojo every 4 months, while keeping in contact with the dojo students to get them to achieving contributor and maintainer / committer status.