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Future proof your resume with NEW IBM Professional Certificates on Coursera

By Sonia Malik posted Wed September 04, 2019 09:22 PM


As Josh Bersin states in his article Career Management goes mission critical ; “One of the most disruptive changes in the world of work is the new way we manage our careers. Only a few decades ago people relied on their employers for a career. Today this has radically changed, giving birth to a new set of challenges, a new market of tools, and an exciting new marketplace for job seekers.” The lines between our work and personal lives are shifting. We are living longer, which means we will be askedto master more and different skills over time as the nature of work changes. And social and environmental pressures are creating demands for more flexible working conditions, as is the gig economy which again, puts the burden of maintaining upto date skills on the individual.


What does this mean to you?

“When the pace of change gets this fast,” Thomas Friedman says, “the only way to retain a lifelong working capacity is to engage in lifelong learning.” Education is central to Friedman’s vision in Thank You for Being Late. But in the age of accelerations, keeping up in a career requires a more intense commitment to mastering new skills and knowledge.

But how do individuals prepare themselves for the future of work, which is largely unknown and requires them to acquire a myriad of skills, both domain specific and general business and soft skills? Friedman argues that schools must retool themselves, making education more accessible to lifelong learners.  IBM has embraced this vision and in collaboration with Coursera has launched a series of Professional Certificates which align to specific job roles targeted at futuristic careers; making high quality training available anytime anywhere.

IBM Professional Certificate on Coursera


Professional Certificates on Coursera help you get job-ready for an in-demand career field in less than a year. Earn a career credential, apply your knowledge to hands-on projects that showcase your skills for employers, and get access to career support resources. All IBM Professional Certificates are aligned to industry-recognized open badges

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Tue February 11, 2020 05:02 PM


thank you for sharing this post. Useful and interesting information

Fri November 15, 2019 03:18 PM

Each of the Professional Certificates on Coursera is designed to equip you with job-ready skills for an entry-level job for the identified role. Needless to say, just technical skills don't guarantee one a job, but these courses definitely give you a head start.

Fri November 15, 2019 03:25 AM

Hi Sonia @Sonia Malik​​, I've no doubt that these certification courses give a great introduction to beginners. Are these courses also capable of enabling people who are new to AI and Data Science, to become job-ready?