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Harness the power of Custom Dialog Builder in SPSS Statistics

By Sajan Kuttappa posted Tue August 09, 2022 02:07 AM


The custom dialog builder feature in IBM SPSS Statistics has long existed as a means to produce custom user interfaces that generate syntax for driving user-defined backend extensions. This is a valuable capability that enables educators, administrators and other users to extend and tailor the software with their own procedures. In a recent IBM tech-talk, Curtis Browning demonstrated two lesser-known capabilities of the custom dialog builder that also work in compatibility mode: the ability to customize existing procedures to make the creation of  user interfaces simpler, and to consolidate output from more than one procedure.

 An interesting aspect of the custom dialog builder is that it can be used to drive backend extensions, as well as for creating user interfaces that simplify or aggregate existing SPSS Statistics commands. In his tech-talk, Curtis demonstrated the use of the custom dialog builder to take two existing SPSS Statistics procedure commands, combine them together, prune out undesired output and show you a single user interface and provides output that can be combined together.

Also on this tech-talk, Bill DeSpan, President DAI Source (an IBM Business Partner) talks about a complementary piece of custom dialog builder: creating extensions for the backend piece of SPSS statistics that can be driven by the user interfaces built using custom dialog builder. 

Watch the tech-talk here: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/3115276/3FF5A442430E9DE8CA4AD346B73B22BC