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A comprehensive Coursera specialization for data science from IBM

By RAY LOPEZ posted Wed March 11, 2020 01:49 PM

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Data science is an exciting new field of work bringing together knowledge about statistics, probability, linear algebra, machine learning and algorithms. By applying the basic principles of science and hypothesis testing, an experienced data scientist can find and exploit patterns and insights found buried in huge, disparate data sources.  

The key to this ability is experience.  Like any other complex job, the more experience you have, the better.  This is even more true for data scientists working in large enterprises, where there is more data, more business challenges, and tighter deadlines.  Getting this valuable experience is difficult, but IBM has made it a little easier with our AI Enterprise Workflow specialization on Coursera, and accompanying official IBM certification via Pearson VUE.  

The AI Enterprise Workflow specialization is made up of six sequential courses.  The overall goal of these six courses is to give learners experiences and best practices for doing data science in large enterprises. We do this by immersing you in a narrative story about an over-the-top media company called AAVAIL who is looking to solve their business challenges by hiring your team as data scientists.  This end-to-end workflow is presented in the framework of design thinking, the project management toolset used by IBM to manage large and complex AI projects.  

The courses include lots of Jupyter notebooks with Python code, simulated data sources, and the use of IBM Watson solutions.  Learners have the option of running the course notebooks on their own machine, or running the course notebooks in Watson Studio (with some slight modifications to each notebook).

The six courses take you from the very start, identifying data sources, all the way to the end where machine learning models are deployed and monitored.  The content for each course:

Course 1: Business Priorities and Data Ingestion: Covers the major starting points for a successful data scientist, scientific thinking, understanding the data, and identifying business opportunities. 

Course 2: Data Analysis and Hypothesis Testing: This course covers exploratory data analysis and data visualization, hypothesis testing and how to handle missing data and outliers.

Course 3: Feature Engineering and Bias Detection: The next stage of the workflow, including dealing with class imbalances, dimension reduction, outlier detection, and using unsupervised learning.  Also covers use of the IBM AI Fairness Toolkit

Course 4: Machine Learning, Visual Recognition, and NLP: This course covers the evaluation of pipelines and different machine learning models, as well as the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service and IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding service.

Course 5: Enterprise Model Deployment: Covers the deployment of machine learning models in a large enterprise, using Apache Spark and Docker containers.  IBM Watson Machine Learning and IBM Watson Studio are also covered in this course.

Course 6:  AI in Production: The final course covers performance monitoring and unit testing, including the use of IBM Watson Openscale.  Also introduces the capstone project for this specialization which involves the end-to-end execution of the AI enterprise workflow to deploy a model for a specific business challenge.

The capstone project at the end of Course 6 is comprehensive and requires learners to use all of the skills and best practices they've learned in these courses.  

Overall, we hope these six courses give learners an opportunity to get a taste of what it is like to work in a large enterprise as a data scientist.

After you finish the courses, you can head over to Pearson VUE to take the certification test.  Those who successfully pass the certification exam will be certified as an "IBM AI Enterprise Workflow V1 Data Science Specialist".

For more information on the course visit here:

To learn about the certification exam and sign up to take it, visit this link:



Wed March 18, 2020 03:21 PM

This looks like exactly what I need. 

I'm available for active collaboration.

Sun March 15, 2020 03:14 AM

 Did I get a job after completing this course? Because I am already doing the IBM Professional Data Science course and the IBM Professional AI course.