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Know about Quantum and Qiskit Advocate

By Luis Gerardo Ayala Bertel posted Fri April 08, 2022 12:30 AM

Cordial greetings,

Within the world of technology, advances always have an intrinsic connection with a special word, the community. A community is the axis of the future, development, and perseverance.
In Quantum computing, this value still is an important aspect to create, discover and improve. Then I would like to announce an event happening right now called Qiskit Advocate, which opens a world of possibilities in contributions, participation, and creations that further strengthen the use of this new field in its day-to-day development.

Qiskit is a software development kit created by IBM based on python. This interprets and executes algorithms in a quantum computer, from low level to high level. There is still much to be done, attracting people around the world to arouse curiosity, to learn and innovate within this research topic that long-term will be recurrently applicable, which is why, regardless of your professional background or if you are an undergraduate or even high school student, you can be part of this event that takes place year after year. The next image is a reference in a broad spectrum of the possibilities.

The Qiskit Advocate application started this month and finish in July. In my opinion, it's an interesting experience, I saw it with curiosity last year, and this time I am doing the ways to be part of this great program, if catch your attention, please observe the information on this link. There you will find all the descriptions regarding the event, in the same mode, is to invite you to be an observer, arousing your interest, and if you wish can start first by reading the documentation, and even practice by entering the IBM Quantum Experience.

Wanting to leave a personal note, when we work together we do great things, I thank IBM for the opportunity to learn new things, believing that we can all be part of something great, and support each other, being grateful to IBM Community Team for that nice message to encourage us to continue sharing our words, ideas, and posts, continuously wanting to give our best version.

Kind regards.