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Data Science Newsletter | December 2020

By Kiefer Hackney posted Mon December 14, 2020 05:26 PM

IBM Data Science Community Newsletter
December 2020 | Volume 2, Issue 12
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How IBM is Working Towards Fairer AI
It’s difficult to keep human biases from creeping into AI. But there are steps that companies can take address this growing challenge. This article focuses on what IBM has done to advance fairer, more transparent, and more accurate AI, and what other companies can learn from them. Learn more about IBM's AI Ethics efforts.
AI Skills
Rising to the Challenge: Helping Universities Prepare the AI Generation
Universities encounter many challenges when trying to add AI into their programs. This blog explores AI for Academia, a program designed to help universities accelerate teaching the next generation of learners. Read more
Gordon Bell Special Prize Finalist Nomination for Rapid COVID-19 Molecular Docking Simulations
A team at Oak Ridge Labs is a finalist for The Gordon Bell Special Prize in HPC. They built a compute stack leveraging Summit - a supercomputer developed by IBM at Oak Ridge Labs - Dask, and BlazingSQL, to let them evaluate 20,000 COVID-19 fighting compounds per second. Read more
FinRL: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Library for Automated Stock Trading in Quantitative Finance
This paper from multiple authors across departs at Columbia University is specifically written to help beginners learn RL in Finance. Read more
How Do You Measure Trust in Deep Learning?
This blog discusses new metrics to determine the trustworthiness of deep learning systems. Read more
Deciding Fast and Slow: The Role of Cognitive Biases in AI-Assisted Decision-Making
This paper discusses how to mathematically model cognitive biases and provide a general framework through which researchers and practitioners can understand the inter-play between cognitive biases and human-AI accuracy. Read more
Tools & Libraries
Monitoring and Explainability of Models in Production
This talk from ICML 2020 is from the Seldon core team; makers of the OSS python library Alibi for outlier detection. Check out the presentation and then Alibi Detect. Read more
Tiny Machine Learning: The Next AI Revolution
How do we reduce the carbon footprint of AI, as more and more applications are found for it? This article explores the intersection of machine learning and embedded internet of things (IoT) devices. Read more
Solutions & Products
Generate Machine Learning Model Pipelines to Choose the Best Model For Your Problem
Use AutoML to automates machine learning tasks like preparing data for modeling, choosing the best algorithm for your problem, and more. Read more
AdMed Unlocks Answers to Health Questions with Watson Assistant
Healthcare agency AdMed, Inc. partnered with the IBM Data Science and AI Elite to create the ultimate learning experience for crucial healthcare topics, making information available to a variety of audiences. Read more
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Special offer for December! Join the AI Learning Group and get free access to O'Reilly's learning platform for three months.
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