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Data Science Community Newsletter | October

By Isaiah Brown posted 19 days ago

IBM Data Science Community Newsletter
October 2020 | Volume 2, Issue 10
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“With a Little Help From My Friends” Rolls-Royce Rallies Recovery
Co-founded by Rolls-Royce and a voluntary group of global brands, the Emergent Alliance brings together a non-profit community of technology companies and data science professionals who share the belief that data and AI will help accelerate economic recovery from COVID-19.
IBM’s Autonomous Mayflower Ship Lifted into the Water Ahead of Launch
IBM’s Mayflower, one of the world's first fully autonomous ship, launched into the water. With an AI captain at the helm, it will work with scientists to gather data from the ocean to further understand issues such as climate change and microplastic pollution. Read more
Shrinking Deep Learning’s Carbon Footprint
What are fractional gains in signal worth for our Artificial Intelligence? Possibly not the level of carbon emissions that those training runs require. MIT and MIT-Watson researchers want to build a more sustainable way to for us to build AI and the future of our predictive services. Read more
Solutions & Products
JupyterLab, Elyra, and Quantum at JupyterCon 2020
Learn about our experience with the Jupyter ecosystem and see some of the contributions IBM has made during the past year. Read more
AI Skills
Transformers are Graph Neural Networks
The intuition behind these architectures are convoluted and this blog does an excellent job explaining how in reality they're fairly digestible as graph networks.  Read more
Retrieval Augmented Generation: Streamlining the Creation of Intelligent Natural Language Processing Models
This blog from Facebook research explains how their new Retrieval Augmented Generation architecture frees researchers and engineers to quickly develop and deploy solutions to their own knowledge-intensive tasks. Read more
Too Many AI Researchers Think Real-World Problems Are Not Relevant
The community’s hyperfocus on novel methods ignores what's really important. Read more
Why You Should Do NLP Beyond English
7000+ languages are spoken around the world but NLP research has mostly focused on English. This post outlines why you should work on languages other than English. Read more
Tools & Libraries
Reinforcement Learning Frameworks
Professor at UPC Barcelona Tech, Jordi Torres has written an article extensively detailing the RL frameworks defining the space. This article is part of a 19-blog series on deep reinforcement learning. Read more
Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Torch for R
PyTorch for R? That's new. The PyTorch team has introduced the new R package and provided a notebook in this blog with a character classifier for the Kuzushiji-MNIST dataset. The torch community is also asking for your contributions! Read more
Running Notebook Pipelines in JupyterLab
Imagine using a visual editor to manage the data science pipelines you're building using JupyterLab. Now stop imagining and start using Elyra - an OSS extension that brings key GUI-based capabilities to the libraries data scientists already love. Read more
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