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Experience the next generation: IBM SPSS Statistics Early Access Program

By Hafsah Lakhany posted Mon December 13, 2021 11:30 AM


The IBM SPSS Statistics Team is excited to launch the
SPSS Statistics Subscription Early Access Program, a product beta showcasing a new, reimagined user experience designed for beginner and intermediate users.  We've collaborated with a passionate group of users in our community that have helped us modernize and redesign the interface.   The new experience helps anyone get started  with statistics with ease and confidence. 

These are the top four categories that our user community has identified as needing improvement:

  1. Getting started fast and easy
  2. Intuitive and simplified UI
  3. Guided end-to-end experience
  4. Exploring and understanding statistics

Get started fast and easy

Having spoken to new SPSS Statistics users, one key request we've heard a great deal about is the ability to get started with the product without relying on books or extensive research.  With this new beta, we're excited to introduce guided tours for users of all backgrounds to learn the basics of how to use the application.  We're also including in-product guides and videos for each procedure to help you explore and discover  all the powerful capabilities SPSS Statistics has to offer.

Inuitive and simplified UI

Without a doubt, the number one request we receive from new users relates to  making the product more intuitive and user-friendly.  We heard you loud and clear!  We have completely modernized our interface to allow interative workflows in line with usability best practices.  We have implemented a multitude of UX improvements to make some of the most complex tasks easier than ever for new users and improved accessibility by introducing better keyboard navigation and shortcuts.   The Workbook also works with statsitical results, viewing, adding and editing syntax.  

Guided end-to-end experience

Users have mentioned they often get stuck when preparing data or finding the appropriate statistical analysis for a study goal.  

In particular, the application now includes an analysis catalog with descriptions for each analysis and a
statistical analysis set-up guide which shows users what they are required to set up and guides them to resolve errors.

Explore and understand statistics 

For users who find it cumbersome to get an overview of their datasets, we prioritized making exploring and understanding statistics effortless.  We're really exctied to introduce a new feature--  the data overview dashboard that now visually displays imported or opened data at a glance.  In addition, the variable panel now allows you to quickly view the distribution and descriptive information about a variable (tip: click the variable header). In the workbook, hints have been integrated into tables to support users with understanding their content.

We are excited to launch this open beta in order to get your feedback. If you are interested in participating, register here

What to expect in the Early Access Program:

  • Fill out registration form 
  • Accept program terms and conditions 
  • Download and explore the new application (limited version for Windows 10 and macOS)
  • Send us feedback and participate in surveys to help us shape the next generation of SPSS Statistics 

All participants with varying levels of experience and backgrounds are welcome! Students and beginners who are new to the community- we would love to hear from you! 

The next generation of SPSS Statistics is still evolving and we welcome your input to help us shape its features and functionality.  You'll be delighted to see many of your favorite SPSS capabilities presented in a new easy to use interface, with integrated guidance, multiple tabs, improved graphs and much more.  

We hope you'll join us to shape the future of SPSS Statistics