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Technology convergence culminates in IBM Watson Machine Learning V2.0 (Medium)

By GREG FILLA posted Thu May 09, 2019 09:04 AM


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Technology convergence culminates in IBM Watson Machine Learning V2.0

By Armand Ruiz, Stevan Slusher, Adam Massachi, Greg Filla, Julianna R. Delua, Yin Chen and Vishnu Alavur Kannan

At the intersection of data, mathematics, and business you’ll find the most exciting area of technology today. With a background in business, I began to consider the impact data science could have in real-world applications very early on in my career. Over the years since the open source community and amazing evolution of tools and techniques developed around data science and machine learning (ML) have pushed these technologies to maturity. They now positively impact our businesses, our lives, and the world.

Today, I’m excited to announce another step in that evolution of data science with IBM® Watson® Machine Learning (WML) V2.0. WML is a convergence of divergent technologies that enables data scientists and citizen data scientists to more easily and efficiently deploy self-learning models into production at scale.

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