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Leveraging Digital Technology for amelioration

By Gourav Gupta posted Wed June 24, 2020 04:25 PM


 Nowadays Digital Transformation getting more accolades for providing ease and amelioration in several domains such as HealthCare, Banking, Telecommunication, Telematics, Finance, etc. Edge Computing is the best pragmatic approach to eradicate the complex computation burden on a single analysis’s framework. Digital Transformation can save lots of money from MNCs in many ways and provide better decisive insights to top leaders. We can see that many IT industries want to implement Edge Computing and Digital Twin technologies in their favorite bucket. Edge computing and Digital twin are the emerging technologies which imply the concept of interdisciplinary of the various domain such as Big Data Ecosystem, Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality (Augmented Reality and Virtual reality) and computer vision.

As per my experience, I can easily predict that in 2025, every Telematics Companies will be using Edge computing for better vehicle maintenance and outlier tracking. Bigdata on Cloud (BDC) the framework of many companies will come into the picture to provide the ease of integration from Data Source collection through analytics pipeline to visualization layer for monitoring. In the Internet of things, data collection from different sources and devices can be possible with the help of BDC services but data handling and modeling is a tough challenge for quick and decisive insights. Edge computing is a kind of advanced method in which the computation happens on each device and the light-intermediate result goes to Data Warehouse for modeling.

The Healthcare domain has a vast scope to engulf digital transformation for making the cost-effective treatment and can be used to provide the health forecast reports to patients based on the historical data that would have been collected from Edge Devices and IoT enabled Bio-sensors chips.

Almost, very worldwide MNCs and universities have chosen the Digital Transformation trail. Also, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the word digitalization will come in every talk. In 2025, the data populating rate will be raising up to 5X. Thus, the Digital Transformation will spill their branches in all the verticals, and it will become the new hot epic center.

I hope you all would like my first post on Digital Transformation. Also, I would like to hear more about this blog from the technocrats. Happy blogging :)