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Ciencia de datos en español! on IBM Expert TV launches this week

By Christina Howell posted Mon May 17, 2021 06:14 PM



July 21, 2021

We are enjoying your participation in the Ciencia de datos en español IBM Expert TV show! Let us know your thoughts, feedback and learnings here in the community. Also feel free to join our discussion post to let us know what you're liking about the show!

Upcoming Episodes

  1. [July 26] Carga de Datos usando Pandas en Watson Studio
  2. [August 2] Introducción a Modeler Flow de IBM Studio

Past Episodes

  1. Por donde comenzar: Creación de la Infraestructura Inicial en Watson Studio
  2. Creación del servicio de Machine Learning y AutoAI.
  3. Creación y Despliegue de modelo en AutoAI
  4. Comparación de modelos de Clasificación con Python en Watson Studio
  5. Creacion de una base DB2 en IBM cloud y su conectividad
  6. Carga de datos usando Pandas
  7. Data Refinery con Watson Studio
  8. Knowledge Catalog en Watson Studio
  9. El potencial de Pandas para Ciencia de Datos
  10. Optimización de decisiones con CPLEX en IBM Studio


The IBM Data Science Community is excited to launch a new IBM Expert TV series, called Ciencia de datos en español! The first episode, "Por donde comenzar: Creación de la Infraestructura Inicial en Watson Studio," is set to begin Tuesday, May 18 at 8:00am PT. 

The team behind this 20+ episode weekly series, have varying data science and tech backgrounds, and are situated all around South and Central America, and the United States. Marcelo Ripoll, the Chief Technologist for IBM Argentina led the effort, and we took a few minutes to catch up with him about the series: 

Who makes up the Spanish Data Scientists Task Force?
It started in January 2018, when a few colleagues in Argentina and myself worked as ambassadors at multiples universities and high schools. We realized that we needed to have data science educational material in Spanish, because it was hard to create a good communication channel and interest when the assistants to our talks only speak Spanish language.

What are your backgrounds and areas of expertise?
We have multiple origins including technical skills, quality service assurance, marketing, Commercial accounts support teams, statistical skills, etc.

Why did you decide to create Ciencia de Datos en Español?
After having decided to create our own material for our talks as ambassador and IBM internal educational courses at Argentina, we though that our material could be used by another Spanish language countries. At the same time, they could work together with us from 2 points: a) using our educational material in their countries to share data Science concepts, tools and methodologies in Spanish , b) contribute to create new videos themselves if our viewers are Data Science or product experts. This would be a win-win!

So, we started the first contacts with Peru and later with Mexico during 2020 and now we are working to add Colombia and Spain for the 2nd season of Ciencia de Datos en Español.

What can people expect to get here in each episode?
Each episode has a duration of about 30 minutes. Each episode covers a specific product and use case. We also provide presentations and datasets to replicate what the presenter does on each episode.

What is the best way to ask questions to the task force and submit new ideas?
Join our discussion thread to ask questions and engage with our experts. We also have a slack channel where we share new events, ideas, new articles, questions, etc. It is open and cross-channel so anybody can be added or add himself.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the show, and submitting ideas for new topics, as well as possibly hosting your own Ciencia de datos en Español show. Let us know how we can help get your content featured. 

Learn more about Marcelo in our Data Science Spotlight feature.




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Tue May 18, 2021 10:49 AM

Mi nombre es Marcelo Ripoll y hace 15 años que trabajo en IBM.
Durante todo este tiempo trabajé en Base de Datos, siendo actualmente el Global Database Chief Engineer del Application Hosting Services Engineering - GTS - WW Infrastructure Services Delivery y también soy el Director de la Carrera formal de IBM Data Scientist para Argentina.
Tantos años trabajando con datos me llevó a comenzar a usar la metodología y productos de Ciencias de Datos a partir del 2014.
Más recientemente, en 2020 fuimos convocados a dictar clases de productos de Ciencia de Datos para una universidad Argentina y al ver que no existían contenidos en español, comenzamos a crearlos. Luego nos pareció interesante compartir el material de entrenamiento creado, con otros países de habla hispana y al mismo tiempo proponerles ser parte de este proyecto que todos los años crece un poco más.
Desde ya agradecemos a todos los técnicos (Subject Matter Experts) por sus contribuciones y tiempo invertido en este proyecto.
A las afiliadas a la IBM Academy of Technology por darnos su permanente apoyo y especialmente a Armand Ruiz Gabernet por ser nuestro Executive Sponsor en el momento en que este proyecto era solo una idea.

Tue May 18, 2021 10:33 AM

Estimados entusiastas de Data Science:
Muchas gracias por su interés en nuestro show y esperamos que en cada caítulos nos dejen sus comentarios y sugerencias