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IBM SPSS Statistics free trial extended through June 15 due to pandemic

By Christina Howell posted Fri March 20, 2020 04:32 PM



We recognize that these are difficult times. In response to the worldwide pandemic, IBM will be extending the SPSS Statistics Subscription trial for active and new accounts through June 15.  This will allow our users time to adjust to this dynamic and unprecedented situation.  The free trial can be accessed here. 

With many schools facing campus closures, we recognize the need to access learning tools online. To address this, IBM will also amend current SPSS Statistics Campus agreements with IBM to allow virtual computing and/or home use of SPSS Statistics at no additional cost.  

For any questions regarding this contact our team at: spssadmn@us.ibm.com

The move is yet another example of IBM’s long-standing approach to supporting the academic and analytic research community. To learn more about some of our additional offers during this time, read more here.

We truly hope you and your families are safe and doing well. Your continued focus on pushing SPSS Statistics in the market is important to us and we strongly believe that, as a team, we will emerge from this global situation more resilient and our customers will appreciate our flexibility.

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Sun May 10, 2020 08:44 AM

Great News!