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By Bruce Wilson posted Sat January 18, 2020 01:59 PM


If you do a simple search on “Best Data Science Certification” or “Best Data Science Course”, you will get tens of ads. Amid all of this noise, it becomes difficult to chaff out the real data science certifications that will really help you. Previously I have studied Data Science Training in Bangalore and AI Training in Bangalore

Now I decided to do online research on this topic, as I have seen questions about data science learning programs on the forum here. I have put together top data science certifications and online courses that will not only help to get the ropes but also put you in good stead for careers. But first, take a look at the rules that I followed to gather the list.


Guidelines for Choosing Data Science Certification Online:

  • There should be enough activities and projects.
  • As far as reasonable, the course must handle open-source programming instruments and libraries
  • Every program should go over the entire data science method.
  • Education should be a good mix of theory and practical. Data Science is like sport; it is no good until and unless one practices.
  • Teachers should carry practical knowledge rather than a general or academic background
  • The course should have on-demand videos for learners to learn anytime


Based on the above principles, following is the list of the best data science courses.

1. Online Data Science Certification from Harvard University

If you have an online certification from Harvard, one can rest guaranteed that it will be of the highest quality and a closer look at this online data science certification will only connect that trust.


Led by Prof. Rafael Irizarry, who is a teacher of biostatistics at Harvard, this online data science program takes learners from basic topics like R programming fundamentals to high-level concepts of machine learning.

2. IBM Data Science Professional Certification

More than 70,000 learners have joined the certification. Pretty good, right! 

Led by 5 IBM teachers, out of which 3 are PHd, this data science certification course is one of the most exhaustive ones that need no prior programming skills, start small and then build up to complex difficulties.

 The professional certification covers 9 individual courses –

  1. What is Data Science?
  2. Data Visualization with Python
  3. Databases & SQL for Data Science
  4. Applied Data Science Capstone
  5. Data Analysis with Python
  6. Data Science Methodology
  7. Python for Data Science & AI
  8. Machine Learning with Python
  9. Open Source tools for Data Science

3. MicroMasters Program in Statistics & Data Science by MIT

There are data science certifications & data science courses and there is MicroMasters Program. This is similar to a list of graduate-level courses, which is similar to the first semester of Master’s degree. 

Developed over a year’s time including 5 graduate-level courses, this program produces studying from the basics to the most advanced materials. Classes covered under this MicroMasters programs are –

  1. Capstone Exam in Statistics & Data Science
  2.  Probability – The Science of Uncertainty & Data
  3. Machine Learning with Python – from Linear Models to Deep Learning
  4. Data Analysis in Social Science – Assessing Your Knowledge
  5. Fundamentals of Statistics

4. Data Science MicroMasters by University of California (San Diego)

This is also a MicroMasters education being given by University of California, San Diego. Published over 4 different courses, this list is clearly divided into 2 aspects of data science – mathematical and application. This part can also be seen in the classes that become part of the program. Here is the record of the courses.

  • Probability & Statistics in Data Science using Python
  • Big Data Analytics using Spark
  • Python for Data Science
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals

5. Data Science Specialization from John Hopkins University

This data science specialization is possibly the most enrolled data science certification education online. Led by an famous trio of Brian CaffoJeff Leek, and Roger D. Peng, who all are professors of biostatistics, this specialization is reached over 10 courses and takes about 8 months time to learn.

  1. Exploratory Data Analysis
  2. Reproducible Research
  3. Statistical Inference
  4. The Data Scientist Toolbox
  5. R Programming
  6. Getting & Cleaning Data
  7. Data Science Capstone
  8. Regression Models
  9. Practical Machine Learning
  10. Developing Data Products

6. Data Science Nanodegree Programs from Udacity

Udacity has a separate School for Data Science, which shows how much value it attaches to the field. Udacity doesn’t offer one data science certification program but has several nanodegree courses mapped with various career paths.

The Career pathways that it caters to are –

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst

7.Data Science Career Path by Codecademy

Data Science Career Path by Codecademy is best suited for newcomers in data science. The program starts off with basics and the very first point is SQL.

Throughout the course, students go through 26 learning sections starting from SQL to Python, from data visualization to Machine learning algorithms and Neural Networks.

When it comes to discovering data science, you need to take a course that not only shows you practical skills but also lets you apply those skills and knowledge to a real-world project. This would serve to make your understanding more detailed and give you a real taste of the kind of problems you will solve on the job. All the above data science certifications provide that opportunity for learners.