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Plot beautiful heatmaps directly in SPSS Modeler

By Armand Ruiz posted Mon December 22, 2014 11:44 AM

Today I am going to show one of the extensions that we launched last week in the IBM SPSS Modeler Marketplace. It is a Heatmap node that you can download for free.  Simply install the node, select the coordinate's fields and choose the visual parameters that suit you best.



You have an easy user interface to change all the parameters like map center, zoom, low and high colors, number of bins, transparency, legend and title settings, etc. You can get the map in high resolution too. It is extremely simple and fast. As all the extensions, you have a short video tutorial on Predictive Extensions Youtube Channel to learn how to use it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1EeC4XSGdw]

You have accurate documentation here: Heatmaps SPSS Node documentation





Mon June 22, 2015 01:16 PM


Did you read the documentation? You can find it here:

Make sure you have R 2.15 (if you use Modeler 16) or R 3.1 (if you use Modeler 17). Also to have the R Essentials plugin installed. Let me know if you need more help....I recommend you post in the Forums the questions, there you should get more people aware of your issue:


Sat June 20, 2015 07:48 PM

Lat email was wrong this is the correct one

Sat June 20, 2015 07:47 PM

Hello I am trying to use this heatmap extension but is not working , i downloaded it but when opening SPSS modeller the heatmap button does not appeaar, can you please give more detail on how to execute it?