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Houston Analytics Accelerator - a breakthrough in the SPSS Modeler-Teradata uploading methods

By Archive User posted Mon January 25, 2016 06:40 PM

Like in life in general, there are things in working life that are irritating, but that we just have to live with. Or do we? One time waster that analysts face almost daily is uploading data to a database such as the Teradata Aster platform. Until now, there were only two ways to do this:

The slow but easy way to upload data to Aster was to choose the SPSS + ODBC method. This is good for overnight uploads, but can take even longer than that. The other option, the Ncluster_loader, is quicker, but harder to master, making its success more dependent on the uploader’s skills. The quick option therefore has its risks.

Quick and easy uploading from the IBM SPSS Modeler to Teradata Aster

Now you no longer need to choose between speed and ease of uploading – with Houston Analytics, you can have both! We have developed a third solution to this irritating task that makes the job both quick and easy. Together with SPSS Modeler and NCLuster_loader, Accelerator forms a package that is faster than the SPSS+ODBC method, and much easier to use than the NCluster_loader. Accelerator makes data uploading to the Teradata Aster platforms so easy that anyone can do it.

The solution solves the challenges relating to the time required to upload data to the Teradata Aster platforms. This is great for those agonizing over uploading times in the IoT world. Uploading times are drastically shortened. For example, Accelerator shortens the uploading time for 1,000,000 lines from 24 hours to just five seconds.

You no longer need to fill up the swimming pool using a one-litre measuring jug or dig out the old water pump from the back of the garage, as the water hose has now been invented. The same is now true in the data world.

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