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Solving business problems with IBM SPSS Modeler – churn model

By Archive User posted Thu May 14, 2015 10:55 PM

In our recent post Discover the ROI of predictive analytics with 3 projects, we highlighted some powerful quick wins you can achieve using IBM SPSS Modeler to solve key business problems such as reducing churn and increasing cross-sell and up-sell. Want a closer look at how Modeler does its magic?

Building a churn model

Let’s pop the hood and take a quick tour. We’ll use a project for predicting customer churn, which we’ve found is one of the best ways to learn Modeler. Below you’ll see an example of an analytical stream that predicts churn.

We’re using historical customer data from two databases where each row represents one customer. Churn model with IBM SPSS modeler

Read the rest of this IBM SPSS Modeler churn model article on the Beyond the Arc blog.



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