Streams is joining the Cloud Pak for Data community

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Streams is joining the Cloud Pak for Data community 

Thu August 27, 2020 12:31 PM

Streamsdev, hosted on IBM Developer, was decommissioned in November 2020.

The Cloud Pak for Data community is the new site for connecting with Streams developers for the latest news, examples, and tips for using IBM Streams.

You can browse the library for Streams content or use the search box above to find articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

I clicked a link to an article and it brought me to this page. Where is the article? 

Some articles were not migrated and instead have been archived. This is because the content is no longer current. Please search the community for the content you are looking for, or ask a question on the Streams forums.

What is the replacement link for the Streamsdev homepage?

Streamsdev does not have a direct replacement, however you can use as a starting point, it has useful links to content within the community and elsewhere.

Does Streams have its own homepage within this community?

No. Since Streams is part of the  Cloud Pak for Data community, it doesn't have its own page.  You can bookmark this  landing page for Streams resources:

What will happen to the articles on Streamsdev?

The articles on Streamsdev have been reviewed and a large number of them are being moved to this community's library.  If an article is moved, follow its original link and you will be redirected to the new page. 
Once the migration is complete you can browse the library which will have the full list of articles that were moved. 

What is the library? 

The library is a feature of this community, and it's just a collection of useful resources. 
Any articles from Streamsdev that are still current will be copied over to the library. You can browse through it here
Since blog posts are not listed in the library, the best way to find content is to use the search feature.

I really need an article or video from Streamsdev, and I can't find it anywhere, what can I do? 

Sorry you're having trouble! Please ask a question on the forums to see if we can help locate it.

How do  I contribute a blog post?

To contribute a blog post or library entry, please join the community. 
Click Join/Sign up at the top of this page.  Any member can contribute to the library, but you also need to request access to write a blog post.

What about the forums on DW Answers? 

The Developer Works Answers (DW Answers) forums were sunset earlier this year.  The new Streams forums are here. Any recent questions were also migrated, but not all.

There is a discussion page in this community, should I use that instead of the forums on IBM Support? 

The discussion page can be used for general, non-technical questions.  Ask Streams questions on the Streams forums.


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