Master Data Management (MDM)

Chat with the IBM Lab (On-demand webinar): Quick and easy deployment of MDM container on Redhat Openshift 

Thu July 25, 2019 12:31 AM

Join the webinar to hear about one of our most popular Chat with the Lab topics:  quick and simple deployment of IBM® MDM container in Red Hat® OpenShift®environments. Red Hat® OpenShift® is a comprehensive enterprise-grade application platform, built for containers with Kubernetes. This brings a new deployment option to running IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Standard and Advanced Editions.  This webinar is suitable for learners with basic MDM SE/AE experience.

In this session we will demo: 

- How to use docker and docker-compose to quickly bring up MDM containers for development

- How to deploy customised MDM containers on container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift to leverage the auto-healing, auto-scaling, security and logging making the system highly available, infrastructure efficient and secure.

- How to perform MDM upgrades to latest version quickly by customising the new MDM docker container, upgrading the database and making the container point to the upgraded database.



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