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IBM Product Master Resources - features and more!

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaborative edition is now IBM Product Master! Make sure to check out Anup's post on the new rename of MDM CE first! IBM Product Master is the same comprehensive PIM product as MDM CE, but with a new name to better reflect its core...

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(Webinar) Turbocharge your digital transformation through always-on customer experiences

In the era of individual-centered economy, customers are demanding faster, more personalized services. To deliver these services, successful organizations realize the benefits of accurate and trusted master data. IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management is designed to easily connect to...

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Chat with the IBM Lab (On-demand webinar): Quick and easy deployment of MDM container on Redhat Openshift

Join the webinar to hear about one of our most popular Chat with the Lab topics: quick and simple deployment of IBM® MDM container in Red Hat® OpenShift®environments . Red Hat® OpenShift® is a comprehensive enterprise-grade application platform, built for containers with Kubernetes. This...

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Chat with the IBM Lab (On Demand Webinar): Machine Learning Assisted Data Stewardship in IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management

We will walk you through our recent work on machine learning for MDM. You will get an overview and live demo of the Machine Learning Assisted Data Stewardship that we shipped in first quarter. This feature helps data stewards making faster and more accurate decisions using machine learning....

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Consent Management for CCPA in IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management

Product: Infosphere Master Data Management Version: The Consent Management in IBM InfoSphere MDM provides you the capability to centrally capture and manage consent as required by various data protection and privacy requirements, such as California Consumer...

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Key MDM concepts: Entity, Attributes, Domain and Physical vs. Virtual MDM

Depending on your implementation style, the concepts of entity, attribute, and domain reflect the technical capabilities of virtual and physical MDM. The term golden record is often used to describe the goal of providing a 360-degree view of your master data. While that term is sufficient in...

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Latest MDM release extends container orchestration, machine learning and operational capabilities.

Master data management continues to be a hot category, and its no wonder why. Organizations of all sizes and maturity are on a journey to be more data and customer-centric in everything they do. To be effective at this requires trusted information about your customers, patients and citizens...

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Top trends driving the need for data transformation and the cloud (Webinar)

Data today is scattered across multiple applications, both on-premises and in multiple clouds. Managing the master data that fuels your critical business processes has long been a time-and labor-intensive effort. But now, you can take a modern approach to master data management (MDM) for faster...

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Operational Cache for Always On Customer Applications in v.

Today's organizations are realizing the benefits accurate and trusted master data brings to their mobile and online applications. Companies of all sizes are looking at how to deliver master data to downstream applications in a zero-downtime environment. InfoSphere MDM V11.6.0.9 feature...

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