AI takes center stage with DataStage and

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When:  Oct 5, 2023 from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (ET)

Start building the foundation for an AI-first data architecture with DataStage and today.  AI is becoming increasingly important across all industries, and businesses can evolve by incorporating AI into their existing processes to being AI-first, to balance performance, compliance, and costs in an effective manner.

Join us to see our data integration tool, DataStage, in action, bridging the gap with our game changing offering. The integration between DataStage and can help make ingestion and management of workloads seamless and allows your data workflows to scale new heights.

Key Speakers

Jessie Snyder, Program Director, Product Management, IBM Data and AI Data Integration

Jessie currently leads the Product Management team for the IBM Data Integration portfolio, covering DataStage and Information Server on Cloud Pak for Data, DataStage as a Service, QualityStage, IBM Address Verification, and the InfoSphere Information Server suite. With a decade of experience in product management and product development, she specializes in areas of Data Fabric, Cloud, Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud Data Integration. She holds a Computer Science degree and has authored eight patents.