2022 Top 10 AI and technology solution trends for your business

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When:  Dec 7, 2021 from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (PT)

2022 Top 10 AI and technology solution trends for your business

Live Analyst to Analyst Conversation and Guidance with Forrester


2022 is fast approaching. What’s next in our evolving world? How do you use AI and emerging technologies to help shape your business and adapt to new demands while increasing resiliency?

As part of strategic planning, CIOs and CDOs are actively evaluating what assumptions to make, what technologies are differentiating vs table stakes and how to operationalize the innovative solutions to transform business eg., drive better business outcomes, improve customer experience and operations, and streamline risk and compliance management processes.

This special live 60 minute virtual session is designed to help you gain insights and draw advice from Brian Hopkins and Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D, the two leading analysts on the topics of AI and technology solutions.  In an interview-style format, Brian and Kjell will explore macro dynamics, IT and technology buyer trends, AI best practices and emerging technologies to watch out by focusing on the top 10 trends for 2022.    

This session will cover:

  • Macro trends and assumptions for the next several years
  • What's new and different in 2022
  • The top trends in information technology and how AI is playing a part in each
  • Live Q&A

Join the Forrester analysts in the conversation and ask questions to facilitate your 2022 planning.

This session is sponsored by IBM. 

Brian Hopkins
Brian Hopkins
Vice President, Emerging Tech Portfolio
Forrester Research

Brian’s research helps clients drive innovation through emerging technology to get ahead of trends and become leaders in their markets. His thought leadership also assists CIOs in maximizing the returns on their investments and future-proofing their business against the accelerating pace of change. He is routinely covered in major trade journals, such as the Wall Street Journal, CIO.com, and ZDNet, where his ideas challenge technology leaders to think differently to get better results. His coverage of technologies includes edge computing, edge intelligence, quantum computing, insight and big data platforms, and systems of insight.

Kjell Carlsson, PhD
Kjell Carlsson, PhD
Principal Analyst

Kjell serves application development and delivery professionals, covering data science, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics. His research helps organizations take advantage of the increasing, untapped potential of these analytics technologies to drive growth and transform existing ways of doing business. His research agenda focuses on the strategies, best practices, skills, and vendors that accelerate the pace at which firms adopt and drive value from machine learning and advanced analytics.