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ts_bookmark table

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    Posted Tue February 07, 2023 10:14 AM
    we are preparing some scenarios for DR with db2 and cdc
    we had in mind that the ts_bookmark table was keeping the bookmarks. we did some test and left the instance running and deleted rows from this table. the subs just continued to work. we stopped the instance and deleted rows from table and started instance and also continued
    we could see in pointbase db a table src bookmarks. this table is probably keeping the bookmarks.
    so what is the purpose of ts_bookmark table that is not always populated and not having an entry for each subs;  in some installations we could see this table was empty.
    we have been exporting this db2 table to keep as backup, but this probably not a good idea.
    we take backup of the pointbase db, but only once a day. so we could restore this backup but the bookmarks are not up-to-date
    can you clarify some of these topics/questions.  and what would be a good scenario that backup which object to be safe when a disaster occurs, because we have many subs and many tables in each subs. and we can not do full refresh in some situations, because we replicate from different locations to a same target and can not use full refresh but need a diff.refresh with consolidated one to one to avoid delete of data from other locations.
    another question about full refresh would be : when using db2 load you can specify a modifier (load .. modified by xxx ) when doing a full refresh is there a setting in system config where we can supply this option to be used while executing the full refresh in cdc

    Thanks for all answers
    Best Regards,
    Guy Przytula