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RELEASES - OpenPages 8.2.0.x will be the last Standard UI and Internet Explorer 11 release, the Link to CAB recording and more

  • 1.  RELEASES - OpenPages 8.2.0.x will be the last Standard UI and Internet Explorer 11 release, the Link to CAB recording and more

    Posted Fri October 30, 2020 11:19 AM
    Edited by System Test Fri January 20, 2023 04:28 PM

    Dear GRC Community members -

    The OpenPages Standard UI and Internet Explorer 11 last release will be OpenPages with Watson 8.2.0.x 

    Please note the following News Item published today (October 30, 2020) announcing that OpenPages with Watson 8.2.0.x will be the last release to support the Standard UI. Additionally, it will also be the last release to support the Internet Explorer 11 web browser.
    To read the formal announcement (news item) in full, please go here.

    If you have any questions or comments about this notice, please do reach out to John Lundgren on our offering team.  You can contact him at

    Note:  Clients are encouraged to stay up to date with the IBM products that they wish to follow via My Notifications. Setup is easy. The link to do so is here.

    IBM OpenPages with Watson IF (On-Premise) and IBM OpenPages with Watson on Cloud IF (SaaS) is now available

    Please note that the second Interim Fix (IF) for OpenPages with Watson IBM is now available. 

    OpenPages GRC IF Links (Common to BOTH On-Premise and SaaS)

    Product Documentation

    OpenPages GRC Platform Links (On-Premise)

    Interim Fix Installation documentation

    Download Document

    Fix List

    Support Portal

    Issues addressed in IF -

    1. Calculated fields that are the controller of a Dependent Picklist generates an error while saving changes
    2. In GRC Workflows, the field for specifying the Relationship Paths is missing for the Assignee, Subscriber, Oversight, Due Date, Overall Due Date and End Stage Notify Users if the Relationship Type is Ancestor or Descendant

    Also includes fixes from Interim Fix -

    1. Folder based filters defined in OpenPages 7.2.x are not working after upgrading to 8.1.x
    2. OpenPages Installer may be putting the wrong Oracle db identifier in
    3. Deleting the temporary file after it is created on a Windows SFTP server fails

    OpenPages GRC on Cloud (SaaS)

    SaaS Support Portal

    Did you miss our Customer Advisory Board on October 21?
    We want to say a big thank you to all the customers and business partners who were able to make it, and for the participation (to those who presented and those who engaged with us)!

    We know not everyone can attend for the "live" event due to time zone differences or you may have business commitments that conflict.  We did record the event and it is available (in 2 parts) on our GRC Community Box folder.  The link to all content is here.   If you have trouble accessing the Box folder, just send me an email at

    Did you know that we keep links to enablements, release info and more on the GRC Community Main page for easy access?  Just <scroll down> to the Announcement section and you will see a lot of great content easily accessible to you without having to search for it!

    Sharing your feedback via Gartner Peer Insights
    We really appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts and comments on Gartner Peer Insights (GPI).  In the past, Gartner would contact customers directly as part of the Magic Quadrant process to get direct feedback.  They are no longer doing this and will be relying solely on feedback shared by customers in the Gartner Peer Insights  (GPI) portal. We really need your help in ensuring that they get the feedback they need.  We value your input for OpenPages and thank you in advance.

    Please note - Your opinion is shared anonymously.  You will need to provide your business email / info to sign up, but this and your name will not be shown publicly.  Only the industry and location (ie North American banking) and job title will be shown.

    At present there is an incentive (i.e. a thank you for your approved review).  Reviewers will receive a $25 Visa gift card from Gartner. The Peer Insights Team will provide the gift card shortly after your review is published.  To share a review of OpenPages with Watson, please go here.

    I hope you are all keeping safe and well. 

    If you have any questions about the above info or the Community, please do reach out to me.


    Laura Polak
    GRC Community Admin