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DBCS Conversion Errors from DB2i

  • 1.  DBCS Conversion Errors from DB2i

    Posted Sun February 12, 2023 10:30 AM


    I got a message that someone posted a new query as an answer to an existing issue. I cannot find this post.

    So to answer I have created a new thread, which should be done anyway as this issue is not related to the original post.

    The original said:


    We are using the IBM CDC from iSeries(db2) to Kafka.

    The type of one field on the source is DBCS (CCSID is 935),the type of field on the target is UTF-8(1208).

    But during the replication there are some errors, the error indicate the CDC can not conversion from 935 to 1208

    Can you tell me the season about this problem?

    Following is the message about this issue

    Message: Code page conversion using MBCS API failed

                    Error occurred when converting character data from encoding 00935 to encoding 01208. The error code

                    was 3021. Error is the value specified for the argument is not correct."
    There are some possible causes:
    1) Corrupt data on the source - fix the data and the issue should go away
    2) data not corresponding to the expected CCSID - try changing the encoding override settings for the affected column

    Robert Philo