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  • 1.  Can I update ENTITY_STATUS_TP_CD of H_CONTACT?

    Posted Thu March 26, 2020 08:08 AM
    Hi, Guys,

    I am now thinking about "application layer data replication" algorithm.
    I want to send all the update in MDM to another system.

    1 of the ideas is to use H_CONTACT table as data update journal.

    1)After successfully send the update for another system, I will
    update ENTITY_STATUS_TP_CD of H_CONTACT as below.

    update H_CONTACT SET ENTITY_STATUS_TP_CD=1 where H_CONT_ID='xxxxx' and H_CREATE_DT=xxxx​​

    2)And then, next time, I can select new update as below.

    select * from H_CONTACT where ENTITY_STATUS_TP_CD<>'1' or ENTITY_STATUS_TP_CD is null order by H_CREATE_DT asc fetch first 10 rows only​

    Do you think this is a good plan?

    - We do not use ENTITY_STATUS_TP_CD of CONTACT.
    - We think notification framework is not much this requirement as the framework is just for temporary notice. And it is difficult to re-send or roll back to the requirement of strict data replication.

    Masa yum


  • 2.  RE: Can I update ENTITY_STATUS_TP_CD of H_CONTACT?

    Posted Thu March 26, 2020 06:01 PM
    Hi Masa,
    The column ENTITY_STATUS_TP_CD in CONTACT table is primarily to capture the state of synchronization within hybrid MDM implementation style.
    I would generally recommend to not use this specific column. I also am concerned about updating the history tables directly, as it will impact your point-in-time inquiries and can break the data integrity required for such inquiries.

    To replicate data changes in MDM into another system, MDM provides various queuing/logging/notification mechanisms.

    Here's a link to MDM's Data Change Broadcast documentation, that is built for similar MDM data integration scenarios:

    Hope the above helps.

    Mohammad Khatibi
    Product Architect
    IBM Canada
    Markham ON