IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC) InstaScan, a new unstructured data management and privacy solution that identifies risk hot spots in an organization’s data sources and reduces the time for compliance data collection is now available!

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  • I found this problem. :) Best regards, Thank you. ------------------------------ Gökhan ORHON IT Manager 32Bit Kocaeli 9.05323E+11 ------------------------------

  • Hi, I am using storediq 7.6.20 and i need sharepoint connection. For this process, I have to define the volume in Dataserver. I have new test sharepoint server. I am newbie for sharepoint. But i created folder and upload test files on shrepoint. My ...

  • I tried different parameters in the, but the same issue persists. I even tried disabling SMB2 and using only SMB1 but I had no luck with that. Is there any other way I can check the communication, to find the breakpoint? Regards, ------------------------------ ...

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  • By Yuriko Sugisaki/Iris Glöck IBM StoredIQ for Legal provides features for managing data preservation for legal purposes. Data under legal hold typically stays in preservation state for months or years, but at some point, the legal obligation ...

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  • We are proud to announce that IBM StoredIQ InstaScan is generally available now! It was in August 2019, that the first release of IBM StoredIQ InstaScan made it to the market. In a nutshell this is what StoredIQ InstaScan allows you to do: Define ...

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