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Let's start the conversation: IBM DataOps in Action CrowdChat virtual event

  • 1.  Let's start the conversation: IBM DataOps in Action CrowdChat virtual event

    Posted Thu May 21, 2020 10:32 PM
    With 73% of enterprise information leaders shifting towards DataOps practices, now is the time to learn from the experts on how to pave your own journey. Join the IBM DataOps in Action CrowdChat event on May 27th from 12pm-1pm EST to be part of a webcast showcase and interactive conversation around where to start, best practices, and lessons learned from those who have implemented.

    View more event information, here.

    This is a unique opportunity to bring DataOps leaders -- including Inderpal Bhandari (IBM Global CDO), Chris Bergh (CEO of DataKitchen), top analysts from Forrester, 451 Research, Ventana Research and other market practitioners and leaders -- into a virtual Q&A experience with event attendees. Peers and IBM clients from banking and retail verticals will also be available to answer your questions around implementation and tooling experience.

    I'd love to kick-off the conversation with you on the following three questions. If you have any questions you'd love to pose for the event, share them below as well!

    1. What does data operations (DataOps) mean to you in the context of your organization?
    2. DataOps is a continuation of your DevOps efforts. How mature are your DevOps? What benefits have you seen in terms of agility and value for your business?
    3. Looking across your organization what data challenge is most prevalent?

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