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How do you import SAP Business Objects Reports (Universes) into IGC?

  • 1.  How do you import SAP Business Objects Reports (Universes) into IGC?

    Posted Mon July 22, 2019 06:58 AM

    We have 
    - Infosphere Governance Catalog version is 11.7 FP2 on Windows 2016 
    - SAP Business Objects Client Version is 14.2 (XI R4.2) (14.2) and it matches with SAP BOBJ Server patch level 

    We know that IGC version 11.7 FP2 supports the import of SAP Business Objects Reports (Universes) using InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager (IMAM). IMAM is a web based tool that allows connectivity to the Business Objects server to import the selected metadata as long as SAP BOBJ client and features are installed where the IMAM bridge is residing.

    In the nutshell, BI models, BI reports, and related implemented data resources of SAP Business Objects Designer and Business Objects Desktop Intelligence from versions 11 through 14.x are supported. 

    We had imported SAP Business Object Reports (Universes) designed with JDBC connectivity into IGC successfully. 

    Yet how do we import SAP Business Objects Reports (Universes) designed with native drivers of Oracle 11g Client into InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog (IGC)? Is it possible?

    Last but not the least, does The SAP BOBJ XI 4.2 version support Business Objects Desktop Intelligence Metadata mappings from Business Objects to InfoSphere Information Server?

    Ozgur G

    Ozgur Gul

  • 2.  RE: How do you import SAP Business Objects Reports (Universes) into IGC?

    Posted Wed July 24, 2019 11:45 AM

    Hi Ozgur,

    I had forwarded your message to the OM/Dev team for IGC, their responses below - please let me know if this answers your questions, otherwise I can connect you to further discuss!

    The documentation does elaborate on the pre-requisite requirements, as you note below: 

    The question you ask about Oracle11g does not appear specific as to how Business Objects is installed or configured, but rather the source or a given Report or Universe created.  This should be inconsequential, and so long as IMAM can connect to the Business Objects system, and meet the pre-requisite requirements, it will import and create not only the BI Models but also the source Database Table (columns, etc.).

    More information on the mapping between Business Object report items and how they appear in IGC are documented here: 

    And for your second question - 

    Here are the supported report types and not supported ones:

    Q: What report file formats does this bridge support?
    A: This bridge can read the report formats supported by SAP BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence:
    - BusinessObjects documents (*.rep)
    - BusinessObjects document templates (*.ret)
    - BusinessQuery Files (*.bqy)
    - WebIntelligence 2.x documents (*.wqy)
    - Crystal reports (*.rpt) since version 11

    Q: What report file formats are not supported?
    A: BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence and this bridge do not support:
    - WebIntelligence 6.x documents (*.wid)
    - Crystal reports (*.rpt) prior to version 11
    - Crystal OLAP Analysis reports (*.car)

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