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notification activity can't send mail

  • 1.  notification activity can't send mail

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hi Everyone,

    when i use notification activity, can send mail to gmail domain but cannot  send to my company mail domain, what i missed, please help

    SMTP Mail server name is blank.
    Sender email address is
    Recipients email address is
    Above works fine, i do get a email, no issue.

    But when I say, recipients email address is, i don't get any emails.


    Şükrü ERGÜNTOP

  • 2.  RE: notification activity can't send mail

    Posted yesterday

    sounds like your company is checking for the senders domain.

    Since the DataStage Server uses simple smtp and often just uses a mocked-up email address as a sender address, modern systems will likely flag those incoming mails as spam. Talk to your E-Mail proxy administrator. They should be able to set your Server's host or IP on a known-hosts list or sth. like that (I'm not familiar with the details here).

    Justus Kenklies
    Fielmann AG