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IBM Cloud Pak for Data System 2.0 - What's new

By SURESH JASRASARIA posted Sun October 17, 2021 03:45 PM

Deliver results faster and with more confidence, and align your data center strategy with your cloud strategy with the next generation of Cloud Pak for Data System software.

In the post pandemic world expectations at every level in an organization have changed, and the bar has been raised higher. It’s no secret that every organization wants to be customer-centric and data driven. A 2021 CEO Study of more than 3,000 CEOs revealed that outperformers entered 2020 with higher revenue growth than their competitors. They have since widened their advantage — from a 5% to 7% point difference in annual rate of growth. So, what differentiates these outperformers? Of course, like most organizations, outperformers value customer feedback too, but they take it one step further by developing customer insights fueled by technology such as AI. Harnessing enterprise data to drive results and improve customer experience faster and with confidence requires a platform that can orchestrate data consistently, in real time, across a hybrid and multi-cloud data landscape, and can easily define and enforce data policies to automatically govern and protect data for analytics and AI applications and tools.

To help our customers achieve the balance they need between cloud and on-premise, IBM is announcing the second generation software on its industry leading IBM Cloud Pak for Data System. Combining the power of hyper-converged infrastructure with support for Cloud Pak for Data 4.0, Cloud Pak for Data System 2.0 comes with new capabilities and improvements for performance, system management, and support for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.6 and Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation 4.6. Above all, it comes with a data fabric architecture that provides everyone in an organization with the ability to find, explore, and ask questions against all available data.

What’s new in 2.0

Break down data siloes with a data fabric architecture.

At the heart of IBM Cloud Pak for Data System 2.0 is a data fabric architecture that helps ensure that data is contextualized and becomes accessible by any user or application, at anytime, from anywhere, and in the most efficient automated way possible. It connects data from multiple locations (edge-core-cloud), types, and sources of data, with methods for accessing that data. For users that are consuming applications and tools alike, it abstracts away the complexities associated with underlying storage, movement, transformation, securing, governing, and processing of data. It is built with the help of Red Hat OpenShift container-based technologies and related services.

Simplified storage installing, licensing and upgrading.

Transparently and comprehensively automate and enhance the integration of underlying storage and data management resources using IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks.  Achieve full-stack automated install, with added backup and resiliency. The Storage Suite is tested with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Red Hat OpenShift with ongoing security, compliance, and version compatibility. Achieve flexibility, reliability, efficiency and consistency with a simplified licensing model through the Storage Suite to meet your workload needs.

Now, with Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation Advanced in the Storage Suite Starter Edition, enterprise users can get their production workloads up and running quickly and access the data across the hybrid cloud infrastructure, unlocking its power in new and impactful ways using data services.

Automate governance and usage of distributed data landscapes for AI.

Cloud Pak for Data 4.0 is the engine behind the intelligent automation within CP4DS 2.0 software to streamline the management and usage of data. It provides:

  1. Distributed data query capabilities across disparate landscapes (clouds, warehouses, lakes, etc.) without the need for data movement or replication.
  2. Enhanced cataloging capabilities to discover, classify and create a real-time catalog of data assets and their relationships, including the use of industry specific Knowledge Accelerators to improve cataloging accuracy.
  3. Advanced privacy and masking features that use AI to intelligently identify and monitor sensitive data across the organization to help minimize risk and ensure compliance, and
  4. AutoAI to generate code that increases trust and transparency and ensures zero vendor lock in.
Use your resources, even more efficiently.

With new support for multi-tenancy and OpenShift Container Platform 4.6, CP4DS 2.0 optimizes your resource usage and gets the most out of your hardware. IBM Cloud Pak for Data System's new multi-tenancy capabilities help you to run multiple quality assurance, testing, and development environments at the same time, taking advantage of available performance and operating resources. Now you can enable teams to test a new upgrade or a new release before adopting it broadly, or find and remove problems before even touching your production environments. All of this occurs on the same infrastructure and with no effect on the performance of mission critical workloads.

Image Description: Maximize utilization of hardware to take advantage of high performance with no disruptions

Monitoring made easy.

The new single pane view of multiple tenants deployed on Cloud Pak for Data System makes monitoring and management of your clusters easy and efficient, without needing to open multiple applications for troubleshooting and resource usage monitoring. It helps you quickly manage resources across your teams using various visualizations and views, so you can spend more time on tasks that matter. Now supporting integration with Prometheus and Grafana monitoring systems via OpenShift console, you can use the tools you know for lower learning curve and reduce troubleshooting time.

Add instances at Login or while on Instance Management screen

Image Description: Add Instance at Login or on Instance Management screen

New right-sized installs for your key business needs.

With ready-to-go plug-and-play patterns and sizing, IBM Cloud Pak for Data System helps organizations modernize fast with the key use cases. Currently offering three out of the box patterns, choose the pattern that fits your challenges, streamline service sizing to meet the scale you need:

  • Data Modernization quickstarts your journey to insights using IBM Cognos® Analytics dashboards alongside database and data virtualization capabilities.
  • Data Fabric improves data governance and accessibility with Watson Knowledge Catalog, and helps you quickly access data and mitigate data quality issues.
  • Trusted AI helps to bring it together, merging your data and AI services with IBM Watson® Studio to prep data, build and deploy models, and manage models at scale.

Join us on October 28th to learn more about the new features and capabilities – register for the webinar.