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IBM recognized as ‘Customers Choice’ for Data Integration in Gartner Peer Insights, and IBM ELT Pushdown Express is now available!

By Shreya Sisodia posted Fri March 31, 2023 01:29 PM


To help businesses reuse their data warehouse investments to power their data pipelines, we’re excited to announce a new solution - IBM ELT Pushdown Express, now generally available. As one of the three IBM Cloud Pak for Data Express offerings, ELT Pushdown Express flips the last two steps of traditional ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), by first loading raw data into a data warehouse and then transforming it into a finished state that’s ready for reporting and analytics. ELT Pushdown Express enables customers to leverage the compute of targets such as cloud data warehouses by pushing down execution of workloads while maintaining the original business logic and intent of visual data pipelines. ELT is a pattern resonating in the market and makes it easier and faster for data engineers to build data pipelines while handling normalization and transformation via SQL after data ingestion. 

With ELT Pushdown Express, complex custom coding and SQL skills are no longer required and data engineers can now use a visual interface with over 65 supported sources and hundreds of pre-built transformation functions to quickly build data flows; and at runtime, the tool automatically translates pipelines into native SQL for popular cloud data warehouses.

Our differentiator is hybrid by design providing the flexibility to design the pipeline once and change only the execution style. This will allow users to begin to optimize execution patterns based on cost, performance, or even data locality all without having to re-write the pipeline.

Key Capabilities of ELT Pushdown Express:

  • Boost performance of data pipelines
    Execute transformation logic directly in the cloud data warehouse to make your pipelines faster and more efficient.

  • Increase productivity
    Build ELT pipelines intuitively and easily using our drag and drop, low-code/no-code tool - no need to learn SQL to take advantage of pushdown performance.

  • Reduce egress and data latencies
    Leverage the power of your cloud data warehouse to reduce egress and latencies by colocating execution and transformations where the data resides.

  • Build visual pipelines in minutes
    Pull from over 65 supported sources and hundreds of pre-built, pre-packaged transformation functions to get data pipelines up and running in a matter of minutes.

  • Save on integration and infrastructure costs
    Lower total cost of ownership and reduce traditional infrastructure complexities by utilizing the scalable and flexible architecture of cloud data warehouses.

With ELT Pushdown Express on Cloud Pak for Data, we can expect our customers to see
significant improvements in the speed and accuracy of data processing, as well as a reduction in manual data entry and the potential for human error.

To further support our investment in our data integration tools; we’re excited to share that
IBM was recognized by customers as a Customers’ Choice in the January 2023 Gartner* Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer”: Data Integration Tools. Being recognized as Customers’ Choice reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to enterprises worldwide.

With the release of new products like ELT Pushdown Express, 
Data Replication on Cloud Pak for Data, and the recent acquisition of, IBM is now poised to continue helping businesses worldwide unlock powerful new use cases for customers and solve data quality challenges throughout the data and AI lifecycle.

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Read the 2023 Gartner* Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer”: Data Integration Tools Report


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