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IBM Open Data for Industries for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

By Shikha Garg posted Tue November 03, 2020 10:37 AM


Establish a data layer to power your digital platform for end-to-end business transformation 
The energy industry is undergoing an unparalleled transformation driven by Covid-19 demand shock and long term emissions reduction trends.   Accelerated digitalization and unlocking the value of data are the imperatives to remain competitive. 
Take advantage of the industry-led and inspired Open Group OSDU data foundation and try IBM enterprise-grade open-source data platform on Red Hat OpenShift.  Avoid vendor lock-in and remain in control during times of unprecedented uncertainty.  IBM enables strategic independence as you rethink and reinvent your business.  We deliver a secure, reliable, and homogenous data platform across public, local or private cloud(s) and any on-premise infrastructure or edge offering of your choice.   
Free up your data:  Regain access and control of your data previously trapped in proprietary geoscience and engineering applications.
Power advanced analytics:  Simplify access to your data to apply advanced analytics and AI across organizational borders and technical domains.
IBM Open Data for Industries:  The Right Business Choice to Power the OSDU Data Foundation  

IBM Open Data for Industries is an enterprise-grade platform based on the OSDU data foundation.  Built on Red Hat OpenShift and fully integrated with Cloud Pak for Data to provide the scale, security, flexibility, and choice in a single platform to unlock energy data from proprietary models, proprietary platforms, and cloud technology infrastructure to establish Edge-to-edge interoperability.

Below are the six differentiators that put IBM solution ahead of the competition -
IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Drive Enterprise Data & AI Strategy in Rapidly Evolving Technology Landscapes

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is fully integrated with IBM Open Data for Industries.  This fuels the oil and gas industry to exploit OSDU subsurface data, including other data sources, and modernize legacy infrastructure through hybrid-cloud and infuse AI into workflows securely.

IBM Open Data for Industries aims to become the platform of choice to help Energy and Petroleum industry leaders accelerate their digital transformation journey.

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, the energy industry can now effortlessly connect all data, including the OSDU Forum industry data standards, and automate and govern the entire data and AI lifecycle. Enterprises across the globe have turned to IBM Cloud Pak for Data to solve their most pressing challenges, bringing them one step closer to trusted, automated AI.

Building on the streamlined hybrid-cloud foundation of OpenShift, IBM Open Data for Industries offers an enterprise-grade open-source platform on the OSDU data foundation that supports infrastructure-agnostic, vendor-neutral solutions to reduce complexity for building a single exploration, drilling, and production workflow.

Listen to the Oil and Gas Tech Podcast 

Listen to Johan Krebbers, Chief Technology Officer of IT, Shell Global and founder of the OSDU Forum and Dariusz Piotrowski, Director, Global Solutions, Industrial Sector at IBM as they share why the OSDU data foundation is a game-changer for the upstream energy industry and what is unique about IBM OSDU offering.


Read the IBM Open Data for Industries White paper  
This comprehensive white paper covers the OSDU Forum, the subsurface data challenges compelling the industry OSDU data foundation, and why choosing the right platform now is critical in achieving longer-term sustainable energy in a digital world.

Schlumberger Partnership
Check out here how Schlumberger is collaborating with IBM to accelerate digital transformation across the oil and gas industry.

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