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Help shape the future of IBM Data Replication with the IBM Cloud beta!

By SHELBY SIMON posted Fri April 02, 2021 06:45 PM


Help us Shape the Future of IBM Data Replication

The "Next Gen Replication" beta that is delivered as a service on the IBM Cloud is landing in Q3 2021. The Beta is intended to address on-premises to cloud and cloud to cloud real time, low impact replication use cases which are increasingly being seen in client deployments for enriching big data systems and mobile applications.

Until now, enterprises have had to install, maintain and update the resources on the IT infrastructure needed to manage their data replication workloads, either on-prem or the cloud.  Moreover, pricing was based on the size of the sources and sometimes the targets.  So, organizations only replicating a subset of the data within a source (say 20 out of 400 tables), would still end up paying for the overall size of the source (in this case 400 tables). Well, Next Gen Replication will change that!

Benefits from a Fully Managed Data Replication Service on the Cloud:

Our vision of Data Replication on Cloud is to provide a fully managed cloud service, helping clients to focus on their business by eliminating the need to build and maintain infrastructure.  Clients could scale their service up or down to support their changing business needs, lower operational costs due to in-place upgrades and take advantage of consumption-based pricing that is based on the volume of data that is being replicated. To illustrate this point, the new service, on average, could save 10-30% of total costs for many clients, compared to traditional on-perm license models.

Data Replication on Cloud will rapidly evolve to support captures from Oracle (on premises), Db2 z/OS, Db2 LUW, Oracle RDS on Amazon, and Db2 on IBM cloud, and targets such as Snowflake and Redshift on Amazon and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Simply put, it will be a one stop shop for "Any" to "Any" real time data replication solution.

The Beta Program: Register Today!

What Sources and Targets Will the Beta Support?

The beta delivery will provide support for sourcing from PostgreSQL (Amazon RDS), Db2 on IBM Cloud, and PostgreSQL on IBM Cloud, while the targets will include Db2 Warehouse on IBM Cloud/AWS/Azure, and Kafka on IBM Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

What are the Benefits to Customers from Participating in the Beta Program?

The beta is intended to provide a first look at what's coming and shaping the future of IBM Data Replication via the feedback, ideas and domain expertise that participants bring.  Ideally, we are looking for clients with on-premises to public cloud, or, cloud to cloud data replication needs who can spare a minimum of 1 hour to collaborate with us.

Depending on where we are in the product development cycle, collaboration can vary from a discussion and review of a demo with core members of our product team in Q2 2021, to test driving the software in Q3 2021 and answering a survey on the user experience.

Why Data Replication?

In case you are not familiar, Data Replication is a capability that provides trusted data integration and synchronization across organizations. It supports high volumes of data transfer with very low latency – doing so with minimal impact via capturing data from database logs – and only transferring and applying necessary data.

IBM Data Replication on Cloud is intended to provide an easy to use and fully managed cloud native service with similar core capabilities such as providing low impact log-based captures, and real time replication capabilities as the existing Data Replication technologies on-premises and more.

Planned new capabilities include integration with Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog, a simplified user interface, and support for heterogeneous DDL replication.

How Do I Sign Up?

So, what are you waiting for? As word has gotten out about beta approaching, we already have beta customers raising their hand to participate.  Avoid the FOMO and sign up for the Beta Program now - and have an impact on the next generation of IBM Data Replication. Check out the beta flyer for more details, and sign up at the registration link below! 

Link for Registration: 

For more information, contact Eric Su at