How to get insights into Personal and Sensitive Data on Microsoft OneDrive user’s private files using IBM StoredIQ

By Sathis Marudanayagam Rajendran posted Fri April 12, 2019 09:37 PM


Organizations can use IBM StoredIQ to discover, analyze and act on Microsoft OneDrive for data source. Apart from the shared files, often it becomes important to get insights on certain users’ private files that might contain personal and sensitive data of customers or employee within an organization.


Eg., A Travel Desk employee may accidentally store the files, which contains Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as passport and of a customer, who is supposed to visit country. it is not a recommended practice, at times the requires to get insights to minimize risk and legal exposure. It may be too cumbersome to check this manually when there are several thousands of files. Hence, IBM StoreIQ provides the Compliance Officer a way to identify the PIIs from those private files based on the user’s discretion.  


This would help the organizations to be under control in Data Privacy and/or regulatory context.

IBM StoredIQ helps one index the user files and provide insights into the kind of personal and sensitive data if the required access is provided by the concerned user.


The access can be granted by simply providing access through OneDrive admin portal.

  1. Login to
  2. Go to Users > Active User
  3. Search for the user whose OneDrive files are to be harvested and double-click the user ID
  4. Expand OneDrive Settings in the details panel
  5. In the Access column, click Access files.
  6. Click Close


The steps number 3-6 are to be followed for all the required users.


After this process, when the OneDrive volume is harvested, it will include all the private files of those users also. With this we would be able to run Step-Up analytics with the required cartridges to identify Personal Identifiable Information (PII).


To learn more about the Best Practices and Practical Tips in Identifying and Protecting Sensitive Data watch our webinar.