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IBM Data Governance Webinars - You're Invited!

By Sajan Kuttappa posted Fri June 07, 2024 01:55 AM


We are happy to invite you to attend the upcoming IBM Data Governance webinars designed to help organizations like yours accelerate analytics and AI outcomes with strong data governance principles.   Attend these webinars to hear experts from IBM discuss best practices for data governance, data lineage, data sharing, managing data as a product, data quality and more.

You can register for upcoming events or watch replays of recent webinars using the links below: 

  1. Register now: June 20- Supercharge data governance and literacy with IBM's Relationship Explorer
  2. Register now: July 10- Harness the power of generative AI to scale data governance
  3. Register now: July 16- Top 5 capabilities to streamline data sharing and accelerate data-driven outcomes
  4. Watch the replay:  Protecting sensitive data with IBM Knowledge Catalog and
  5. Watch the replay: The top 4 data quality capabilities for a modern data architecture
  6. Watch the replay:  Data lineage in IBM Knowledge Catalog with Manta
  7. Watch the replay:  Enable large-scale data sharing by managing your data as a product

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