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Manage product data ecosystem by using IBM Product Master multi-domain capabilities

By Rohit Swarup posted Fri February 17, 2023 10:57 PM


Product Information Management (PIM) provides a single, trusted source of product information for multichannel commerce and data exchange. Both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) organizations across multiple vertical markets and product categories can benefit from the introduction of PIM. Business benefits like faster time to market, improved data quality, reduced costs, and enhanced customer experiences are achievable by using a PIM solution.

PIM solutions have evolved and expanded to support various business demands and use cases. A typical PIM ecosystem consists of various entities like products, spares, digital assets, locations, suppliers, offers, and so on. While the essential data for these entities might come from varied sources and stakeholders, they together make the end-to-end solution and help businesses by creating a golden source of truth. 

IBM Product Master helps customers in building such an ecosystem by providing the facility to manage different types of entries under a single umbrella.  IBM Product Master's adaptive data model feature along with a robust workflow engine helps the customer define the entities in their unique way without any restrictions. A product from Food and Beverage industry must be described differently than a product from the Manufacturing sector. With its adaptive data model, IBM Product Master puts the customer in driving seat and allows them to decide what they need and how they would like to govern. 

Customers can create separate catalogs for separate entities by defining each entity in their own unique way and providing a linkage between the catalogs and entities. For example, if at any point in time, you would like to know the spares that are used in building a product, you can easily establish the link between the respective product from the product Catalog and spares from Spare catalog. Similarly, one can also link the products and spares with the respective suppliers (in some cases it could be multiple suppliers ) or apply any offer from Offer catalog to products as per seasonal promotions. 

Another important use case might be, linking the products with different locations where locations might be different customer sites like manufacturing units, warehouses, distribution centers, back offices, or target markets applicable to those products. Once you have such a view, it is easy to filter products by locations or target markets. 



An end-to-end view of product data across various dimensions within the IBM Product Master helps customers in having a full view of the ecosystem and expedites business decision-making and faster time to market. For more information about the IBM Product Master multi-domain capabilities, visit the IBM Product Master Documentation site or contact the product management team.