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Accelerated Insights into DataStage ETL Inventory

By Nayan Gavaral posted Thu February 11, 2021 02:04 AM


Ever been stuck in routine estimation tasks that delay actual DataStage upgrade/migration? Is there a struggle with monitoring and managing the DataStage ETL inventory estate? Have inaccurate effort estimates leading to unplanned overheads? These are some of the challenges faced by many of our customers especially while embarking on DataStage upgrade/modernization initiatives and need to be effectively addressed.

Whether it is managing the landscape or accelerating the processes of version upgrade/migration/modernization or enabling accurate effort estimation for a seamless upgrade/migration engagement (all of these specifically in the purview of the DataStage ETL ecosystem), a tool that can expedite the process and mitigate difficulties in due diligence/discovery for application modernization initiatives is imperative.

With a wide range of capabilities, drawing from the experience of solving real world problems many of the DataStage modernization teams have faced, during several client engagements, here is a tool that helps you analyze and manage your DataStage ETL ecosystem through reports/dashboards with rich visualizations.

The DataStage Analyzer - what it has to offer?  

  • 360 Degree Analysis: Comprehensive view of the entire DataStage ETL inventory along with drill down options to get into details.
  • Automation: Automated due diligence and discovery of DataStage ETL inventory with an automation factor of at least 75%-80%.
  • Smart Search: Supports free text based multi-level search for information on Job designs with collective results.
  • Job Complexity Analysis: Capable of automated complexity analysis of Jobs with an ability to customize complexity definitions.
  • Analysis of Sources/Targets: Automated detection of all sources and targets covering entire DataStage ETL inventory.

The DataStage Analyzer, an accelerator from Wipro, helps customers’ DataStage upgrade/modernization teams through intelligent management of the ETL jobs inventory (Projects, Jobs – Server/Parallel/Sequencer, Stage Types, Transformation functions, job design patterns, source & target connectivity etc..), to arrive at accurate and credible effort estimates and execute cost effective and seamless upgrade/modernization initiatives.

DataStage Analyzer comes with the capability to connect and export the Jobs metadata from DataStage’ metadata repository (XMETA) into individual job level XML export files using IBM supplied export utility. Then, automatically parses and extracts relevant metadata into relational format (using NextGen DI Metadata Extractor, a Wipro IP component) to further load into an internal database for generating DataStage ETL inventory insights on screen/UI.

Clients are at an advantage when it comes to simplifying DataStage ETL inventory management.  Accelerated due diligence and discovery phases as part of the version upgrade/migration/modernization initiatives coupled with an intuitive visualization to better represent the customer’s estate are the two most efficient outcomes of employing the accelerator. 

For more details and demonstration, please reach out to Platforms & Solutions GTM Team as part of iDEAS Apps & Data at Wipro Technologies (
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Wed March 03, 2021 02:34 PM

I am lokking for an alternative solution for Red Hat ETL, what are the products offering from IBM?

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