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Automatic Householding in MDM Advanced Edition

By Mohammad Khatibi posted Sun February 24, 2019 05:06 AM


Product:Infosphere Master Data Management Advanced Edition


A household is a group of people who live together under the same roof and share living accommodation, who may pool their income and wealth, and who may consume certain types of goods and services collectively, mainly housing and food. Often, the members of a household are related by blood or law and constitute a family.

InfoSphere MDM Advanced Edition enables you to systematically group people into households, based on your criteria and based on the available information in your MDM. For example, you may pull people into individual households, when they share similar home addresses and perhaps along with one or more of the following criteria:

  • Having common last names
  • Having common home phones
  • Having explicit family relationships (husband-wife, parent-child, etc.)
  • Owning same bank accounts
  • Having certain roles in a contract
  • Having age in certain range
  • Having certain employment statuses
  • . . .

The given advantage is that you may leverage MDM Probabilistic Matching Engine, to define the relevant criteria and conditions according to your householding needs. Once defined, you can rely on MDM to automatically discover and maintain the household entities in your master data. 

As the underlying person master data may change (like moving to a new address, marriage/divorce, birth/death, etc.) your household master data may be impacted, and that can automatically result in adding, deleting, updating, splitting and joining households.

You have the ability to override the household with your manual updates, either by adding or removing members from households, or by enriching the whole households (or its member associations) with additional context data, such as the household’s needs, wants, interests, analytics, risks and tagging them with labels of your choice (e.g. Top 100, VIP, At the risking of failing).


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