Master Data Management (MDM)

IBM Match 360 with Watson is Generally Available as part of Cloud Pak for Data 4.0

By Marcus Boone posted Tue June 29, 2021 04:28 PM


I'm very pleased to be able to announce that our new entity resolution service, IBM Match 360 with Watson, is now available as a base service on Cloud Pak for Data!  IBM Match 360 offers self-service capabilities designed for business analysts or data scientists to resolve duplicate person or organization entities to a point that they can use it in analytics and develop new models. The sources of these records could come from anywhere - including existing operational MDM systems or those with transactional or clickstream data. You can learn more about this release of Cloud Pak for Data on this Journey to AI blog from @Hemanth Manda

According to Gartner, one of the key trends in the master data market segment is the move toward a more user-friendly experience. Once the domain of subject matter experts and developers, we have reimagined the configuration experience, specifically the data modeling and matching.  Additionally, we are exploiting Cloud Pak for Data services such as Watson Knowledge Catalog as we start to bring together metadata management, data quality and entity resolution.  Our aim is to provide existing customers the ability to augment their master data with new sources quickly, providing a more complete view of their key entities for analytical use cases. Additionally, we are engaging with new customers who are pursuing Customer 360 use cases who are focused on delivering a stronger analytic base for customer data without the desire to implement a full master data management program. These new customers and new use cases will realize value by starting with virtually any source data model, linking sources, exploring entities and exporting data for further analytics and machine learning development.

But what happened to Master Data Connect?  For customers with the need for a cache of their MDM AE or MDM SE entities, this use case is still supported with IBM Match 360.  IBM Match 360 is the evolution of our modernized architecture, delivering on the Master Data Connect use case and many more.

There are three ways you can get IBM Match 360 with Watson:  

  • Cloud Pak for Data Enterprise Edition Virtual Processor Cores (VPCs) can be applied toward IBM Match 360
  • MDM Cartridge for Cloud Pak for Data for new customers looking for a full MDM solution today, with a self-service entity resolution service, or 
  • MDM Modernization for Cloud Pak for Data for existing customers looking to capitalize on these newly-enabled use cases

The IBM Master Data Management Cartridge for Cloud Pak for Data is a license bundle that includes:

  • IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management 
  • Entitlements to IBM Match 360 with Watson on Cloud Pak for Data
  • Red Hat Openshift license entitlements.

This bundled approach to the MDM Cartridge gives you the ultimate in flexibility with our shared entitlement model - deploying IBM Match 360 with Watson for analytical use cases described above, deploying MDM Standard or Advanced Editions for operational use cases, and using them together on your path to modernization.

We encourage you to provision a beta instance here to experience the robust matching and analytic capabilities in IBM Match 360 with Watson. This Cloud Pak for Data as a Service instance has full feature parity with the GA version of IBM Match 360 with Watson now available on Cloud Pak for Data 4.0.