Master Data Management (MDM)

Reminder: IBM-sponsored support for CloverDX is ending this year

By Marcus Boone posted Wed March 03, 2021 06:34 PM


This post is to remind our clients that IBM sponsored support for CloverDX is scheduled to expire later this year.   Clients still using CloverDX with MDM V11.x will no longer be covered by IBM sponsored support agreements with CloverDX as of October 1, 2021.  

Importantly, this post and update is not affecting your ability to continue to use CloverDX with MDM, but only how you will receive support if you continue to do so.  CloverDX and IBM will continue to work together to ensure Clover is an option for your ETL needs as a separately licensed product now and with future releases.

As a recap, IBM removed CloverDX from the Master Data Management offering in 2016 and the last version of MDM to bundle CloverDX was 11.3, which reached end of support in September of 2019. 

As an existing client upgrading to MDM 11.4 (or later), you were offered a choice of using the now bundled DataStage (InfoSphere Information Server) offering for your ETL needs or remaining with CloverDX.  If you choose to continue using CloverDX, IBM and CloverDX have partnered together to continue supporting current and future releases of the MDM with one change. Your CloverDX licenses will be unsupported after October 1, 2021 unless you take action now in one of the following ways:

  1. Agree to a support contract with CloverDX to continue using your existing CloverDX licenses for use solely with IBM Master Data Management.

  2. Agree to a license and support agreement with CloverDX to use your existing CloverDX licenses for ETL, data integration, APIs, triggering, etc. without a limitation to be used solely with the MDM.

For more information or to contact CloverDX please reach out to or visit:

This information is available as IBM Support Document number 1086633.