Master Data Management (MDM)

*NEW* Matching Service on Cloud Pak for Data

By Kelly Sun posted Wed April 28, 2021 04:02 PM

Since the launch of the beta last year, our team has been adding new features and functions, as well as improving what has been released so far. To reflect new function and the differentiated value it offers, we are pleased to announce a new name, IBM Match 360 with Watson.
IBM Match 360 with Watson provides an ML-based, easy to use quick experience for self-service entity resolution.  It is a no-code service providing the ability for non-developers to plug it into their data prep routine to match and link person and organization data to create that complete version of the truth, thus improving overall data quality.  The sources of these records could come from anywhere - including existing operational MDM systems or those with transactional or clickstream data.  If there is enough identifiable information in the source data, Match 360 can link that data together.  This service is targeted for data scientists and business analysts who need trusted data to include in their predictive & analytical models.
Unlike competitive matching solutions, Match 360 with Watson is deeply integrated with Cloud Pak for Data services such as Watson Knowledge Catalog and can easily leverage the InfoSphere MDM data model and entities.
Match 360 offers the following features and benefits:
    Provide a 360-degree view of critical data entities such as customers and suppliers
    Improve your ability to target marketing towards your most valuable clients
    Reduce mis-identification rate of key customers that could be costing you lost revenue
    Improve data scientist and business analyst productivity by quickly resolving key entities in datasets
To access the beta click here and log into your IBM Cloud Account and select the Dallas region: