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6 DataOps essentials to deliver business-ready data

By Katie Kupec posted Tue January 28, 2020 08:00 AM


Nearly every business is under competitive, disruptive, and regulatory pressures. As companies face digital transformation and modernization to meet their customers’  expectations, leveraging data and AI at the speed of business can be the biggest differentiator.

However, according to MIT Sloan, 81 percent of organizations don’t understand their data because it’s locked in silos. Much of the data remains inaccessible, untrusted or unanalyzed, providing little-to-no value. Cloud and mobile adoption has accelerated the pace of data creation and increased the number of locations where data can reside. Yet many businesses don’t know what data they have, where it resides, what systems are using it and for what purpose – and if it meets regulatory and compliance requirements.
With all of these challenges, how can companies gain agility through data?