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Announcing MettleCI Availability Through IBM

By Jessie Snyder posted Tue March 30, 2021 12:25 PM

Today we are excited to formally announce our collaboration with Data Migrators and the launch of our latest OEM offering, MettleCI. Although this is the first time we are announcing the partnership publicly, today's release is the result of tireless work across both IBM and Data Migrators over the past few months to bring this product to market. 

This OEM offering is designed to help DataStage and Information Server clients who migrate to Cloud Pak for Data both dramatically increase the quality of their DataStage jobs and also
minimize their migration and upgrade complexity, time, and cost. MettleCI dramatically improves a DataStage solution’s governance, quality, transparency, and team productivity by removing all the intense manual effort in shepherding DataStage artifacts through the processes and environments supporting a customer’s SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Automated code review, testing, version control, and deployment are all handled in the background by push-button processes. Within days of deployment, management can boast a demonstrable, end-to-end DevOps capability in a domain where many assume it isn’t possible.

Clients can leverage MettleCI at no additional cost for both CI/CD and automated migration capability when trading up, upgrading, or buying net new licenses of DataStage Enterprise, DataStage Enterprise Plus, or Information Server for Cloud Pak for Data.

Why MettleCI

In today's modern software development, both DevOps and CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) practices have become commonplace. Continuous Integration practices ensure that developers work together to create a best of breed codebase by
committing their changes into a centralized repository multiple times per day, and Continuous Delivery applies the same automation principle to the build process such that development, staging, and production environments are kept up-to-date with the latest stable builds. Historically, these practices have been rare in ETL development, but with MettleCI, organizations can apply the same DevOps and CI/CD disciplines they use across other application development efforts, and even use the same tooling, like GitHub or BitBucket for version control, and Jenkins for CI/CD orchestration. 

This capability delivers a number of significant, tangible benefits to customers:
  • Visibly more productive DataStage teams, with 100% ROI in Year 1*
  • Demonstrable alignment with organization strategy
  • More performant Jobs, with 5x faster Job Development*
  • Lower cost of maintenance, with 400x faster Job Deployment*
  • Easier, cheaper defect discovery
  • Lower testing costs
*Statistics based on analysis done by Data Migrators on previous MettleCI implementations 

automation capability additionally addresses common upgrade anxieties and challenges, allowing automation of job migration and the creation of a version-controlled regression test suite, while also offering evidence-based estimates of upgrade duration, costs, and approach. This drastically improves the migration process, and can help organizations migrate workloads to Cloud Pak for Data with greater governance and confidence. 

To learn more about how you can get started with MettleCI today, please contact your IBM Sales Representative.

About Data Migrators

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and with offices in the UK and the United States, Data Migrators is the creator of MettleCI.  Since its inception in 2011, by industry veterans and co-founders Justin McCamish and John McKeever, Data Migrators has assembled a team of world class software engineers focussed on improving the daily lives of users of IBM data-focused solutions.  

Data Migrators' successful delivery of numerous DataStage-based solutions across the banking, utilities, and energy sectors, using small but highly efficient teams, was only made possible by Continuous Integration and Deployment.  That capability was provided by MettleCI which, after a decade of maturation, is now available to users of DataStage within IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

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