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Customer Care with Watson Assistant on Cloud Pak for Data

By Jennifer Smith Gray posted Tue June 27, 2023 02:03 PM


You can use the Watson™ Assistant service on Cloud Pak for Data to implement a customer care use case to deliver innovative and positive experiences for your customers.

Create a solution that uses conversational AI to understand what your customers are saying, to deliver accurate information to them, and to learn from the interactions. Optional integrations with other Cloud Pak for Data services and tools can help you to leverage the features of Watson Assistant to:

  • Identify your customers’ goals.
  • Build and test virtual assistants to support your customers and their goals.
  • Continually improve the assistants based on what you learn.

Read the Customer Care use case to learn about the flow and steps of a customer care solution and watch a video to see how you can use Watson Assistant on Cloud Pak for Data to serve and support your customers.