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How DataOps is Accelerating the Delivery of AI Services

By Isaiah Brown posted Fri October 16, 2020 01:42 PM

This year, IBM has made a number of enhancements to Cloud Pak for Data to streamline the process of data preparation for artificial intelligence, and the principles of DataOps have been at the heart of this effort. Obviously, one of the largest problems that DataOps seeks to tackle is expediently getting the right data to the right people, as data scientists become more crucial in our modern world. Cloud Pak for Data is dedicated in part to perfecting this process, and ensuring businesses can continue to get the most out of AI. Learn more in Daniel Hernandez's interview with The Cube.
“You’ve got data science to help you build AI; you’ve got DevOps to help you build the apps; you’ve got nothing to basically help you prepare data for AI. DataOps is the equivalent of DevOps but for delivering AI-ready data.” - Daniel Hernandez, IBM  General Manager, IBM Data and AI