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Find your way with the new interactive tools and services map for Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

By Inge Halilovic posted Thu January 26, 2023 04:46 PM

If you’ve ever been confused about which tool you need, which service provides it, or where you can find it, you’re not alone! Cloud Pak for Data as a Service has 24 integrated tools that are provided by 9 services. We've provided a map to help you quickly find what you need. The tools and services map shows the relationships between your tasks, the tools you need, the services that provide the tools, and where you use the tools. You can use the map to choose a tool, find which tools you have, find which services you need, or find where your tools are.

The map is interactive: you select a task, a tool, a service, or a workspace on the map and you’ll see its relationships in all the other areas. Each tool and service has a short description and a link to more information. The map is embedded on the Cloud Pak for Data as a Service documentation home page.

See how selecting different tiles shows different results.

If you are using Cloud Pak for Data 4.6, you can still check out the map, but note that the tools and services in the map are not exactly the same as on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service. For now, the map is provided for Cloud Pak for Data as a Service only. 

On some other documentation pages, you can click a map button to open the map in a popup window without navigating away from the current page. For example, the Watson Studio page has a map button.

The map button opens the map in a popup window.

Try out the map today!