What's new in StoredIQ For Legal v2.0.3.9

By Gururaja Hejamady posted Tue October 15, 2019 02:39 AM

By Gururaja Rao/Harish Challa  
IBM announced the release and availability of IBM StoredIQ For Legal v2.0.3.9 on Sep 27th, 2019. The new release comes with following improvements and enhancements: 
Release Preservation 
This new feature allows to release data after the legal obligation to preserve it is removed. It must be explicitly enabled and cannot be disabled again. The feature introduces a new type of data request, the release data request, along with the option to create the respective forms, workflows, and templates. Release data requests can be created for completed preservation or preservation and collection data requests. You can release all or part of the data preserved for a matter. A new audit event and additional columns in the rep_data request_view and rep_fulfillment item_view reporting views were also introduced for this feature. 
Direct links to document sets in IBM StoredIQ 
If you have IBM StoredIQ for Legal set up to work with IBM StoredIQ for fulfilling data requests, you can now enable direct links to the resulting document sets in IBM StoredIQ for closer examination. This option is part of the IBM StoredIQ connection settings and works for IBM StoredIQ installations at version or later. 
Maintenance mode 
You can now put IBM StoredIQ for Legal in maintenance mode to prevent users from signing in during maintenance. Define a message for making the users aware that the system is under maintenance. This message is displayed on the Maintenance page, that users without the System: Manage privilege see when signing in, while the system is in maintenance mode . For example, you can include the start and end time of the maintenance window. 
Reopening matters 
You can now configure whether you want to allow users to reopen matters after they were closed. Users with the Matters: Close privilege can reopen closed matters. Set the Allow to reopen matters option to Yes in Admin -> System Settings. 
System alerts 
IBM StoredIQ for Legal now provides system alerts for several issues. You can view such alerts in the Admin section. In addition, you can enable alert notification. 
StoredIQ for Legal runs scheduled script for checking the following issues and sends system alerts if required: 
  • Hung threads: The script stays in wait state listening for hung thread notifications and sends an alert if it detects any. By default, the web application server waits for 10 minutes before marking a thread as hung. 
  • SMTP connection issues, for example, when the mail server is down. The script runs every 10 minutes and send an alert if necessary. 
  • Temp space availability: The script runs once per day and sends an alert if less than 1 GB of free temporary disk space is left. 
Welcome message 
You can now provide a welcome message to your users which is displayed whenever they sign in to IBM StoredIQ for Legal. You can provide the information when the user last signed in and any other information that you want the users to be aware of. Users see this message after they sign in. At any time later, users can view the welcome message by clicking Welcome Message from the user menu. 

Support of additional VMware platforms
IBM StoredIQ for Legal can now also be deployed and managed in VMware vSphere 6.5. 

Delete Requests 
The delete sub command of the migration tool can now be used only to delete migrated requests. For general deletion of migrated items, run the migration tool with the cleanup option.

Custodian Status
Custodians status are enhanced  to support more meaningful status to convey, which issuance type the custodian is in and their response.

IBM StoredIQ for Legal Cloud  
Technology Preview Code  
IBM® StoredIQ® for Legal Cloud is included as Technology Preview Code and may be evaluated by Licensee for 90 days after initial installation/deployment. 
StoredIQ for Legal Cloud contains the Technology Preview Code for a containerized deployment to cloud platforms. The Technology Preview Code provides a set of Docker images that can be installed and run on any system that has Docker installed. The Docker images as a bundle build a working instance of StoredIQ for Legal. The StoredIQ for Legal Cloud Technology Preview Code can be used to evaluate the new capabilities in a test or development environment. It cannot be used as a production instance of StoredIQ for Legal.