What's new in StoredIQ for Legal v2.0.3.8

By Gururaja Hejamady posted Tue July 09, 2019 02:55 AM


By Gururaja Rao/Harish Challa

IBM announced the release and availability of IBM StoredIQ For Legal v2.0.3.8 on June 28th, 2019. The new release comes with following improvements and enhancements:


Asynchronous Server Discovery

Currently Server Discovery Service (SDS) provides only one API discover Server, where one can send a Data Request information as the request object and receive the discovery results as the response object. However, sometimes the service requires a lot of time (days or weeks) to complete the server discovery. In that case, SDS doesn't work due to timeout.


In v2.0.3.8, three separate APIs are used to do it asynchronously

  • createJob: The request object is similar to the one of discover Server, but the service will return a response soon with the job ID, which is used by getJobStatus and getJobResults
  • getJobStatus: The service will returns the job status
  • getJobResults: The service will return a same kind of response object with the discover Server


Request Migration

With Notice and Interview migration available from previous releases, this release provides  migration of requests from IBM Atlas Policy Suite to IBM Stored IQ for Legal. The migrated requests from Stored IQ for Legal will be not be available in Stored IQ for Legal UI, but available in reporting DB so that reports can be generated out of it.


To support request migration, the new release provides enriched with -e request option so that requests can be migrated from Atlas Policy Suite to StoredIQ for Legal. Granular migration of requests is also supported along with migration of interview logs which are associated with a request. After successful migration and running the export task, the following five views will be populated with the request and interview log information:

  • rep_legal_request_view (Migrated Requests view)
  • rep_scope_element_view (Migrated Requests Element Scope view)
  • rep_scope_target_view (Migrated Requests Target Scope view)
  • rep_collection_interview_log_view (Migrated Requests Interview Logs view) 
  • rep_collectioninterview_log_attachment_view (Migrated Requests Collection Log Attachments view)

Deletion of task comments and attachments

In the task view, users can now delete task comments and attachments. A new system setting defines whether this feature is turned on or off. By default, it is turned off for upgrade and new installations. 

Admin -> System Settings -> Comment Deletion

   Enable deletion of comments and attachments (default NO)


When a comment or attachment is deleted from the tasks view an audit event is recorded.

Audit Queries


A comment is deleted from a task. If the comment included an attachment, an ATTACHMENT_DELETE event is also written.


Clone Support using new workflow API

A new workflow APIs has been introduced. By using this APIs in combination with existing workflow APIs, you can create a new Data Request based on an existing Data Request, update it and submit it within a workflow script.


API Specification

clone(sourceDataRequestID, attributes)

This creates a new Data Request based on an existing Data Request. Attributes defined in a request information form (intake criteria form) and custodians are copied from source Data Request. 


Result size unit

The result size of fulfilment items and work packages can now also be specified in bytes.

Earlier User couldn’t input decimal point in work package summary and fulfilment item results. By using a smaller unit of Byte, a user can input total size without decimal point.


Date range changes for submitted data requests

Date ranges in Data Requests can now be modified even after the Data Request is submitted. After a data range is modified, a new work package is created with the new date range. The modified data range is not propagated to work packages that were created prior to the change. 


Default SSL protocol

The default SSL protocol is now TLSv1.2. If your environment does not allow for this setup, you can revert to the previously used SSL_TLSv2 protocol. To do so, change the SSL configuration in your IBM® WebSphere® Application Server installation.


Workflow API support for listing notices, interviews and data requests in a matter


New workflow API support for getting the list of notices, interviews and data request associated with specific matter is now available.



To know more download the IBM StoredIQ for Legal solution brief or visit our web page.