Identity Insight V9.0 iFix 03 – Identity Insight gets a significant performance boost and usability enhancements

By Erik O'Neill posted Thu June 27, 2019 05:17 PM


IBM has announced Identity Insight iFix 03 available May 6th 2019, providing significantly improved performance and enhanced usability.

IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight V9.0 is the proven market leader to detect non-obvious relationships, resolve entities, and find threats and vulnerabilities in large volumes of data in near-real time.  We continue to enhance Identity Insight on an ongoing basis and to evaluate, prioritize and deliver customer enhancement requests. iFix 03 delivers high value features and performance improvements that will be of value to all Identity Insight 9.0 customers.


The Identity Insight V 9.0 iFix 03 performance improvements provide a significant performance boost.    Large entity resolution and large entity alert processing performance has been dramatically improved through the implementation of new scoring optimizations. In the case of entity resolution for large entities, informal testing has shown performance increases of 50% - 80%. For Identity Insight customers whose business nature results in many large entities in the database – this enhancement will have a significant business impact, improving processing throughput and response time while reducing hardware load.         

 So what are large entities? Unlike Master Data Management systems which merge entities to create a golden record, Identity Insight is constantly evaluating entity matches, linking and unlinking entity records based on new contextual data coming into the system. In certain use cases, such as when records come from many different sources, or there are periodic transactions that create new entity records, the number of linked records in an entity can grow to be large over time. With the scoring optimizations delivered in iFix 03, we have dramatically improved the performance of scoring and matching large entities without impacting the match result itself. That is, customers will see significantly faster resolution without any change in the number of false positive or false negative matches.

We have also optimized the DB locking strategy in iFix 03 which will improve performance in some database access scenarios.

Performance of the I2 plug-in Find-Path feature has also been enhanced. The Find-Path feature is frequently used in investigative analysis and in law enforcement to automatically find and highlight any relationship path between two entities.

Improved Usability

Usability of Identity Insight has been improved with enhancements to the Console and the I2 Plug-in/Explorer. In Identity Insight V9.0 we introduced a new task-oriented console that makes configuration of Identity Insight easier. In IFix 03 we have expanded the configuration options available in the console: 

  • Resolution Rule priority can now be adjusted by the user in the left navigation area
  • Role Alert rules can be disabled/enabled via the Console
  • The scoring rule for a Data-source can now be changed via the Console
  • Data-sources can be designated as search data-sources via the Console
  • Attribute candidate/resolution usage can now be defined via the Console

We have also enhanced the i2 plug-in/Explorer, the primary interface used for investigative analysis.

  • The Research window can be now be launched from the search results area
  • The structure of an Identity Insight search can be saved as a default ‘template’ on a per-user basis
  • The Identity Insight plug-in for i2 supports loading external custom plug-ins, allowing customers/integrators to create custom plug-in extensions

Code fixes

iFix 03 delivered a number of code fixes in addition to the above enhancements. The full list of code fixes and details of the above enhancements are available on the IBM support site at: Ifix details for Identity Insight