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New Data Replication on Cloud Beta is open for all!

By Eric Su posted Tue February 15, 2022 06:59 PM


IBM Data Replication on Cloud provides a fully managed, easy to use, cloud-based replication service that allows you to focus on your business through eliminating the need to build and maintain your replication infrastructure. This new service will retain all the core data replication capabilities you’ve come to love and expect from IBM – providing efficient captures and near real-time replication capabilities – and now with a planned convenient pay-as-you-go model that dynamically scales as needed.

We often find that our customers end up requiring multiple disparate databases to support their business needs which leads to inefficient access, synchronization issues, and unwanted impact and risk to mission-critical systems. Data Replication allows you to ensure consistency and synchronization across your disparate systems and locations, including the replication of mission-critical data closer to where you need it, for reduced latency and simplified access. Data Replication also does this efficiently through delivering only the changes which also allows us to replicate in near real time resulting in reduced cost and improved results.

Our Beta is free for all to try and will be offered on IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service and IBM Cloud. In this beta we will support the following Sources and Targets with a more thorough Getting Started focused on Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL to DB2 Warehouse on IBM Cloud (bolded below). Test driving the service should take no more than 2 hours of your time.


  • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
  • Db2 on Cloud on IBM Cloud


  • Db2 Warehouse on IBM Cloud, AWS and Azure
  • Db2 on Cloud on IBM Cloud

Additional end points such as sourcing from Oracle and Db2 for z/OS and delivery to Kafka will be provided as we work towards delivery of a production ready and GA service.


How to Get Started:


  • Make sure you have an instance of the supported sources and targets listed above to replication from and to. (Sources and Targets will not be provided as part of this Beta)
  • IBM Cloud account to log in to the service and get access to our community. (This can be created when you get started)

Getting Started:

  • Visit our Getting Started which provides a comprehensive overview of the following scenario: Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL  Db2Warehouse on IBM Cloud.
    • If you’d like to use another supported combination, you’ll be able to find directions for setting up your connections under `Supported Data Replication connections` within the Data Replication table of contents.


Connect with us: 

We will be leveraging our IBM Community to provide you with the latest updates, help you with any issues you may have, and to gather feedback. We recommend you join our Community to stay up-to-date and interact with us!


  • Updates, including new feature enhancements and fixes, will be posted as new Blogs.


  • For support related questions or comments, please post a new message in our Discussion section and prepend [Support].
    • Ex. ‘[Support] – Cannot create a new Data Replication instance - Error code 400



  • Your feedback is very important for us as it helps us ensure we are building a product that meets your needs. We welcome all feedback with some examples being:
    • User Experience
    • Capabilities
    • Future Enhancement Requests
    • Potential Use-Cases
  • To provide feedback, please post a new message in our Discussion section and prepend [Feedback].
    • Ex. ‘[Feedback] – Support for an Oracle Source’


Additional Questions or Comments:

  • If you have any additional questions or comments, including deeper dives into our offering and demos, please feel free to contact me at